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Undergraduate Physics at The Ohio State University

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Physics BS/MS Program

The combined BS/MS Degree Program in Physics is an opportunity for qualified undergraduates in Physics or Engineering Physics to begin the Master's program in Physics during their senior year, with the possibility of completing the Master's degree the following year. Students who are accepted in to the Physics BS/MS Program are allowed to double count up to 20 quarter credit hours of classes toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Students must meet all requirements set by the Graduate School for combined BS/MS programs. These requirements can be found in Section 8.1 of the Graduate School Handbook and include the following criteria:

Academic Requirements

(Note: if any of the above courses were taken prior to admittance to the BS/MS program, they cannot be counted toward the BS/MS requirements)

Additional Requirements

In addition to the courswork, a student in this program must demonstrate competence in individual work wich will be fulfilled by the satisfactory completion of 14 quarter credit hours of Physics 816 (no less than 3 and no more than 6 credit hours per quarter). Students registered for this course may: Finally, BS/MS students must submit a satisfactory written report of their research work and pass the Final Oral Examination administered by the student's advisor and a faculty member approved by the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee. The certification to the Graduate School of the successful completion of the requirements shall be made by the student's advisor and the Vice Chair for Graduate Studies and Research.


If you are interested in applying for the BS/MS Program in Physics, please complete the Graduate School Application for the Combined Program and hand it in to Lindsey Thaler in room 1142 Physics Research Building. Interested students must also formally apply to the Graduate Program in Physics.

Sample Schedule of the Physics BS/MS Program:

Year Autumn Winter Spring
1 Physics 131 (5) Physics 132(5) Physics 133 (5)
  Math 151 (5) Math 152 (5) Math 153 (5)
      CS&E 202 (4)
2 Physics 261 (4) Physics 262 (4) Physics 263 (4)
  Physics 295 (1)   Physics 416 (4)
  Math 254 (5) Math 513 (3) Math 415 (4)
3 Physics 555 (4) Physics 656 (4) Physics 657 (4)
  Physics 631 (4) Physics 632 (4) Physics 633 (4)
  Math 568 (3)   Physics 517 (4)
4 Physics 596 (3) Physics 780.20 (4) Physics 616 (4)
  Physics 621 (4) Physics 622 (4) Physics 664 (4)
    Physics 816 (3) Physics 816 (3)
5 Physics 821 (4) Physics 816( 4) Physics 816 (4)
  Physics 827 (5) Physics 828 (5) Physics 780 (4)
  Physics 834 (4)    
Courses in GREEN are counted only toward the undergraduate degree
Courses in RED are double counted toward the undergraduate and graduate degrees
Courses in BLUE are counted only toward the graduate degree