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21 Mar 2012


  • Postdoctoral  Researchers

Postdoctoral positions on experimental biological dynamics are available now. The research involves the development and applications of femtosecond spectroscopy to primary dynamics of proteins /DNA/RNA, combining with molecular biology methods. A particular focus will be on protein recognition and enzyme dynamics. Ultrafast laser spectroscopy will be used to determine the dynamical pathways and site-directed mutagenesis will be used to study the local reactivities in biological macromolecules. The successful candidate should have prior experience on ultrafast lasers, molecular reaction dynamics, or biophysics with excellent communication skills.

Please send your application including CV, list of publications, and a summary of research accomplishments/interests (less than one page) to Dongping Zhong, through email zhong.28@asc.ohio-state.edu.

  • Graduate Research Assistants

Students interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in Biological Physics/Chemistry and Chemical Physics are welcome to join the Zhong group. Informal office/laboratory visit is encouraged. Since the research is interdisciplinary and integrates physics, chemistry and biology, students with background in Physics, Chemistry or Biochemistry can apply for graduate study in Physics Department, Chemistry Department, Chemical Physics Program, Biophysics Program, or Biochemistry Program at The Ohio State University.

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for undergraduates are available from time to time. Interested students should send e-mail to Dr. Zhong for more information.