Experimental Scripting for Animation in Maya
Arts Col 694, 5 credits
Professor Alan Price


Assignment #4 - Create a GUI for persistent control over elements in a scene.

Save your script(s) to an external file ("your_user_name_project4.mel") and put a copy in "Y:\Courses\AC694_Price_Fall_2005\project_4"

In this project, the objective is to design a UI that remains open for the user to continuously adjust controls that affect the scene as it runs.This exercise follows the previous one, in which a UI was designed to execute a script as a "one shot" event.

Possibilities are:

  • Using the results your previous UI created, build a UI for persistant control of those results, e.g., one that adjusts and/or sets key frames on a character rig created by the previous UI script.
  • Create a UI that serves both functions: Creation of objects and generation of their controls "on the fly".
  • Create a new script (does not necessarily have to use a UI) that sets up objects and relationships, then design a UI that opens to control those relationships.
  • Consider other possibilities in which you create a UI that continuously controls elements in your scene.

Evaluation will be based on:
-- Successful completion.
Does the script do what it is supposed to do without errors?
-- Creative application. Was attention given to a creative approach for user control of the event? Does the idea have applications relative to the creator's interests?
-- Structure. Is the script properly structured using procedures and methods for passing values between them?