Experimental Scripting for Animation in Maya
Arts Col 694, 5 credits
Professor Alan Price


Assignment #2 - Create an expression-driven animated scene with custom attributes

Save your scene as "your_user_name_project2.mb" and put a copy in "Y:\Courses\AC694_Price_Fall_2005\project_2"

Like the last project, this is intended to be a simple exercise in experimentation with use of expressions to drive the motion of objects in a scene. In addition, create attributes that control aspects of the motion or relationships between objects.

In later projects, you will be creating user interfaces that may generate new objects, new attributes and connections, as well as automating the creation of expressions. So for now, work on those "building blocks" that may inspire later project ideas.

  • Plan the motion of objects and/or the relationship between moving objects that you would like to create.
  • Consider experimenting with the idea on a small scale with simple geometry before tackling the final scene.
  • Build models necessary for the scene. (Keep it simple. Plan to have the scene run in real time.)
  • If necessary, you may "manually" animate some objects with keyframes or motion paths to drive the expressions of other objects.
  • Create custom attributes on one or more appropriate nodes, so that a user can adjust sliders in the attribute editor to alter the results of the expression-driven animation.

The project will be evaluated on:
-- effective use of expressions in the scene to control motion or relationships between objects.
-- effective use of custom attributes to adjust results of expressions.
-- concept and creative application of the tools.