Experimental Scripting for Animation in Maya
Arts Col 694, 5 credits
Professor Alan Price


Final Project

Save your script(s) and/or scene files in a directory in "Y:\Courses\AC694_Price_Fall_2005\Final"

This is an open project for you to apply MEL scripting and expressions to your own interests. Teaming up with other students is an option, and you will need to identify tasks required of each team member and be able to represent the results accordingly.

A proposal for your project during class is required before beginning work.

The options are wide open. Some include, but not limited to:

  • Scene building: A tool for generating elements of a complex scene.
  • Procedural animation: A scene driven by expressions, perhaps with randomness and/or conditional events.
  • A GUI for streamlining a specific animation or modeling process.
  • Use of particle systems or dynamics to create an effect or control other elements in a scene.
  • Reading/writing to external files for transfer of data between other applications
  • A new application within Maya: Games or other ways to re-purpose the toolset.

Evaluation will be based on:
-- Successful completion.
Does the script/scene do what it is supposed to do without errors?
-- Creative application. Is this a unique idea or a new approach? An interesting solution to a challenging problem?


As part of completing the work for the course, please create a web document of selected projects that you have done. We will discuss parameters of this in class. Here is an example.