ACCAD 7002 - Synthetic Cinema
Days and Times: T,R 3:55-5:15
Instructor: Alan Price
Office Hours by appointment
Office Phone: 614.247.8957


This schedule is subject to change. Announcements will be made during class hours.

Week 1 –
T 01.13 & T 01.15 –

Online viewings
William Cameron Davies Things to Come
Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men
shorts by Michel Gondry and others
History of visual effects milestones in cinema

Week 2 –
T 01.20 &
R 01.22
Overview / syllabus / introduction
High Dynamic Range Imaging for Light Probes
Shooting video for CGI and motion matching
Canon 7D manual
About High Dynamic Range Images and using Merge to HDR in Photoshop
Batch HDR script

Week 3 –

T 01.27 & R 01.29
Shooting video for CGI and motion matching cont'd
motion tracking and matching

Week 4 –
T 02.03 & R 02.05
Image Based Lighting in Maya with Mental Ray
Compositing in After Effects

Week 5 –
T 02.10 & R 02.12
Studio shooting for the edit 
Studio green screen shoot
Framing Terms from "Setting Up Your Shots" by Jeremy Vineyard

Panasonic P2 AG-HVX200 manual
read Chapters 4 and 7 of The Digital Filmmaking Handbook (Safari Online through OSU Library site)
Chapter 4. Choosing a Camera > Camera Features - (Pg. 73-86)
Attention to: Manual Controls / Focus / Shutter Speed / Aperature Control / Image Stabilization
Chapter 7. Using the Camera - (Pg. 142-175)
Attention to: Focus, Exposure, White Balance

Week 6 –
T 02.17 & R 02.19
Keying / pulling a matte
Background plates / digital and physical models

Week 7 –
T 02.24 & R 02.26
ACCAD video lab and editing systems
video lab overview (requires accad user login)
video lab workshop - monitoring and calibration 
video lab workshop - AJA capture and playout

Week 8 –
T 03.03 & R 03.05
Individual and team post production
viewing: Pat Oneill Water and Power
(no class sessions this week)

Week 9 –
T 03.10 & R 03.12
Review of work for first half of semester

Week 10 –
T 03.17 & R 03.19

Week 11 –
T 03.24 & R 03.26
Location Study
The Digital Filmmaking Handbook (Safari Online through OSU Library site) Chapter 5. Planning Your Shoot > Location Scouting
video camera controls, video formats, shooting practices
HDCTM300 camcorder settings (compare to your own camera settings)

editing practices, editing and compositing relationships
examples: Hitchcock's Psycho, North by Northwest. Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon
Read chapter 1 - History of Editing; Editing and the Silent Film, pgs 3-23, from Techniques of Film Editing, Karel Reisz and Gavin Millar (on Safari online) Pudovkin, Lumiere Brothers, Melies, Edwin Porter, DW Griffith, Eisenstein
Read Constructing Meanings, pgs 149-165, from Basics Film-Making 04: The Language of Film, John Marland and Steven Rawle (on Safari online)
Continuity Editing, Discontinuity Editing, Montage

Week 12 –
T 03.31 & R 04.02
Computational VFX
slit scan, frame differencing, accumulation

Week 13 –
T 04.07 & R 04.09
camera motion capture - virtual production
perspective and 3D control in Maya and Aftereffects
camera animation and control in Maya

Week 14 –
T 04.14 & R 04.16
travelling mattes
rotoscope and track matte effects
motion graphics - layered / nested compositions

Week 15 –
T 04.21 & R 04.16
CG render layer breakdowns

Week 16 –
T 04.28 -  Last class session
Final projects


Monday May 4 6:00pm-7:45pm
Final projects