Listening Glass
mobile web app for mapping audio recordings 


Listening Glass was presented as part of the conference, Hearing Landscape Critically, Harvard University, January 14-16, 2015. Created in collaboration with artist Teri Rueb.

This interactive sound mapping tool acts as a probe for conference participants to use as they reflect on topics and themes raised throughout the conference.

In counterpart to a looking glass, these reflections resonate as audio sources embedded in windows at specific sites where they act as a sounding board for discourse contributed by participants using the mobile web app.

Specific windows or 'listening glasses' serve as gathering points for conversation encouraging participants to generate dialogue and exchange in more focused ways.
The app can be used by participants to explore the spaces of the symposium, recording their own thoughts and listening to other contributor's recordings placed around campus, acting as geo-located audio traces through which the broader campus environment is perceived.

Original audio essays by John R. Stilgoe, Sever Hall and Carpenter Center (recorded by Ernst Karel).

Acknowledgements: The artists thank the conference organizers Michael Uy, Daniel Grimley, Jonathan Hicks, Carina Venter.