Magnificat III - Lament
live performance with violin and responsive real time animation

Airi Yoshioka - violin
Linda Dusman - composition for live violin and surround sound recording
Alan Price - real time animation

In Magnificat III - Lament, animation is projected on a large screen behind the solo violinist. Computer graphics respond in real time to the sound of the live violin and taped composition. Treated as two discreet audio sources, seperate image elements react to violin and tape in layers, emphasizing the contrast and interplay in the music composition.

The visual elements of the animation were initiated as a response to the Canticle of Mary and to the characterizations I found within Linda's music. My attempt was to respond to the sublime experience of mother with child, an experience I will never have first hand. The progression moves from nature to architectural, with a juxtaposition of dissonance and order, ending in a convergence of the natural/external and interior/body environments to arrive in a singularity, or unison, of these elements.

Creating the real time animation for this performance was a new experience. Working with Linda Dusman over the past several months, I learned about the process of her composing such a work as Magnificat III Lament. Linda's approach is highly structural and complex, yet embraces the subtlety and chance found in performance. Her composing extends well beyond scoring notes on a scale to the sheer physicality of how Airi Yoshioka's bow interacts with the strings of her violin. The real time animation responds to the dynamics and pitch of the music, but cannot do justice to these important characteristics.

The animation transitions through several stages in relation to sequences in Linda's composition, and while image elements continuously respond to the audio, some sequences are long - I invite the viewer to settle in to the frame and contemplate the music fully, as opposed to anticipating the next transition.

-- International Festival for Contemporary Performance, New York Spectrum NYC, Caroline Chin, violin, 2013
-- Scotia Festival of Music, Halifax, NS, Airi Yoshioka, violin, 2013
-- Lausanne Summer Festival, Switzerland, 2012
-- Verge Ensemble at The French Embassy, Washington, DC, 2011
-- 7th Annual New Music Festival, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 2010
-- ElectroMusicWorks 08, Athens, Greece, 2008
-- Florida International University, Miami, 2006
Festival of Women Composers, Piacenza, Italy. September 11, 2005
-- The Upgrade! Montreal: The In & Out of the Sound Studio conference - Montreal, July 28, 2005
-- FTM 8 - Feminist Theory and Music 8 - The City University of New York, NYC. June 24, 2005
-- RUCKUS! - Stanford -- University, CA. April 17, 2005
-- RUCKUS! - Fine Arts Recital Hall, UMBC, Baltimore, MD. April 12, 2005