Animation, 7:00 minutes

A boy takes a ride in Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Car through a desert filled with highways, where utopian visions of the future collide with the post-industrial environment of today. Entering a city, the boy learns he can control his environment, if only to rearrange it.

Music score "The fall of Lhasa" by cheryl o and Wally Jerichon

First Prize, Animated Shorts, Rhode Island International Film Festival
Best of Show, Rosebud Independent Film Festival
2nd Prize, Jury Citation, Black Maria Film Video Festival
Best Animation, Crossroads Film Festival
Honorable Mention, Humboldt International Short Film Festival
Trophy Award, Rochester International Film Festvial
Projectionist Award, daVinci Film Festival

Transmediale, Berlin, 2005

Interfilm Berlin, Germany
London International Animation Festival
Rhode Island International Film Festival
daVinci Film Festival, Oregon
Artscape, Baltimore Maryland
Anim Mundi International Festival of Animation, Brazil
Boston International Film Festival
Black Maria Film and Video Festival
Rosebud Film and Video Festival
Rochester International Film and Video Festival
Maryland Film Festival
Festival Arcipelgo, Italy
Filmstock International Film Festival, England
Melbourne International Animation Festival
Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois
Seattle International Film Festival
Humboldt International Short Film Festival, CA
Firstglance Philadelphia Film Festival
Riverrun International Film Festival, North Carolina
Crossroads International Film Festival, Mississippi
CAmm Ides of March Animation Invitational, Maryland
Hi Mom! Film Festival, Chapel Hill North Carolina
Johns Hopkins Film Festival
Fargo Film Festival
Texas Film Festival
Independent Film Festival of Boston
Trenton Film Festival
Blackpoint Film Festival, Wisconsin
Antelope Valley International Film Festival, CA
Langbaugh Film Festival, Portland