networked interactive gesture system

 Weave is a co-located interactive installation. A computer screen is counterbalanced on a swinging arm controlled by the user, rotating 360 degrees and tilting up and down. This creates the sensation of a floating window looking into a spherical augmented space depicting the local environment overlaid by procedurally created geometric sculptures created by the user. As the user moves the screen, curves are generated in 3D space, creating patterns that weave around the spherical path of the swing arm. Two weave systems networked together display the paths of both the local and remote user, allowing for a call and response form of interaction as the users communicate through purely gestural interaction. A video camera mounted to the back of the screen captures live imagery of the surrounding space and maps it into the virtual space, exploiting a variation of slow-scan video digitizing to paint in time a record of the live events occuring around the installation.