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Our lab’s pre-Twitter news archive:

5/21/2018        Ayala Allon wins Zuckerman Fellowship

Ayala Allon has won a Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar Award!  The award supports individuals who show promise as leaders in STEM fields.  She adds this prestigious award to her Fulbright fellowship.  Congratulations to Ayala!

4/2/2018          Welcome to Fulbright Fellow, Ayala Allon

Welcome to Dr. Ayala Allon, who is joining the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow.  Ayala earned her Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University, working with Prof. Roy Luria.  She is supported by a prestigious award from the Fulbright Foundation.  Welcome Ayala!

2/15/2018        Paul Scotti wins CCBBI Student Neuroimaging Award

Paul Scotti has won a Student Neuroimaging Award, from the OSU Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging.  The work will help fund an fMRI project titled “How does past experience distort long-term memory?”  Congratulations to Paul!

2/15/2018        Heather Hansen wins Gibson Research Award

Heather Hansen has won an H. Dean and Susan Regis Gibson Research Award, via the OSU Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging.  The work will help fund an fMRI project titled “Neural Mechanisms of Misophonia”  Congratulations to Heather!

9/15/2017        Yoolim and Jess win OPAM travel awards

Yoolim Hong and Jess Irons have both won travel awards to attend the 2017 Object Perception, Attention, and Memory meeting!  Congrats to Yoolim and Jess!

8/21/2017        Welcome to Heather and Paul

This academic year, we welcome two new graduate students:  Heather Hansen, who received her B.S. from UCLA, will work jointly with Zeynep Saygin and Andy Leber.  Paul Scotti, who received his B.S. from George Washington University, will work jointly with Julie Golomb and Andy Leber.  Welcome to Heather and Paul!

3/28/2017        Zoe Zhang wins Alkire Research Award!

Zoe Zhang has won the Edward M. Alkire Research Award, which supports “an outstanding junior or senior student majoring in psychology to conduct research in psychology or the mental health field.”  Congratulations Zoe!

8/15/2016        Cognitive Control Lab receives grant from National Science Foundation

We are excited to report that the NSF has awarded a 3-year grant to support our research project, “Characterizing the Determinants of Goal-Driven Attentional Control.”  Read more about the grant from the OSU College of Arts and Sciences here, and find the NSF award abstract here.

3/22/2016        Rebecca Freeman honored Undergraduate Research Colloquium!

Rebecca Freeman was awarded the 1st Place Prize for her presentation at the Annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Colloquium.  Her poster, “Negative emotion does not hinder expression of implicit learning in a contextual cueing task,” was based on her honors thesis project.  Congratulations Becca!

2/22/2016        Yoolim Hong wins Gibson Research Award!

Yoolim Hong has won an H. Dean and Susan Regis Gibson Research Award, via the OSU Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging.  The work will help fund an fMRI project titled “Attentional disengagement suppresses visual long-term memory.”  Congratulations to Yoolim!

10/21/2015      Beau Snoad awarded Research Scholarship!

Beau Snoad, an undergraduate assistant in our lab, has been awarded a Research Scholar Award, from the OSU Undergraduate Research Office.  His fellowship proposal will support his research on the task instructions and the use of attentional control.

1/8/2015          Rebecca Freeman awarded Research Scholarship!

Rebecca Freeman, an undergraduate assistant in our lab, has been awarded a Research Scholar Award, from the OSU Undergraduate Research Office.  Her fellowship proposal will support her research on the relationship between emotion and implicit learning.

4/10/2014        Sam Henry awarded Summer Fellowship!

Sam Henry, an undergraduate assistant in our lab, has been awarded an Undergraduate Education Summer Research Fellowship, from the OSU Undergraduate Research Office.  His fellowship proposal, co-sponsored by Prof. Ruchika Prakash, and he will spend the summer investigating the relationship between mindfulness and attention.

4/7/2014          Welcome to Do-Joon Yi!

Prof. Do-Joon Yi, from Yonsei University, in Seoul, Korea, will take a Visiting Professor position at OSU this summer to join us for his sabbatical.  Andy and Do-Joon were labmates at Yale in Marvin Chun’s lab, and it’s going to be just like old times.  We’re honored to have Do-Joon join us and look forward to a productive and fun year!

4/3/2014          Welcome to Jess, Bo-Yeong, and Nick!

The lab is growing rapidly in 2014.  This summer, we will welcome three new full-time personnel.  Jess Irons is coming from Australia, where she worked with Roger Remington and Elinor McKone, to do a postdoc with us.  Bo-Yeong Won will also start a postdoc with us, and she will be coming from the University of Minnesota, where she is about to defend her dissertation in Yuhong Jiang’s lab.  Finally, Nick McCormack, from Marquette University, will enroll as a graduate student.  He has been awarded a University Fellowship to support his graduate studies.  We also recently welcomed several undergraduates in the past year, including Sam Henry, Becca Freeman, and Beau Snoad.  Welcome everyone!

8/1/2013          Welcome to Yoolim Hong!

Welcome to Yoolim, who just arrived from Seoul, Korea to begin the Ph.D. program at OSU! Yoolim completed her M.A. in Cognitive Psychology at Yonsei University, working with Do-Joon Yi.  She has been awarded a University Fellowship to support her research.

4/5/2013          Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Lechak!

Jennifer Lechak has successfully defended her excellent Ph.D. dissertation, titled “Investigating Priming, Inhibition, and Individual Differences in Visual Attention."  Congratulations Dr. Lechak!!

8/15/2012        Welcome to Rachael Gwinn!

The lab welcomes its first full time manager.  Rachael hails from UC Davis, where she triple majored in Psychology, Linguistics, and Italian and did her senior thesis with Joy Geng.  We hope she finds the Ohio weather to be just as delightful as California’s!

4/20/2012        Congratulations to Dr. Erika Wells!

Erika Wells has successfully defended her excellent Ph.D. dissertation on "Processes Influencing Visual Awareness During Motion-induced Blindness." Congratulations Dr. Wells!!

4/16/2012        Special Announcement

Dear colleagues, current and former students, and friends,

It's with bittersweet emotion that I am sharing some recent news: I have accepted a faculty position in the Department of Psychology at The Ohio State University and will be transitioning the Cognitive Control Lab there in late summer 2012. OSU is providing tremendous opportunities, both personal and professional, and I am enthusiastically looking toward the new and exciting challenges I will encounter. At the same time, I will be sad to leave UNH, a place I have grown quite attached to. I have enjoyed wonderful relationships with colleagues and students over the past 5 years, and I want to thank you all for making my time here so rewarding and memorable. In the teaching domain, I feel very lucky to have connected with students in my PSYC 502, 513, 741, and 914 classes -- it was a pleasure and honor to be able to learn and laugh with you all. In the research domain, the lab was able to conduct lots of stimulating and fun research here, and we have been grateful for the kind support from the Psychology Department, College of Liberal Arts, and the University administration. Thank you all for a great run. UNH is a remarkable place, and I will always be part wildcat at heart!

All the best,


4/2012 Erika Wells has received the Graduate Student Teaching Award, of which only a few are granted each year to Ph.D. students at UNH. Congratulations to Erika for this outstanding, immensely deserved achievement!

4/2012 Mark Scimone is awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), to carry out research on brain-computer interfaces (BCI) with Dean Krusienski, at Old Dominion University.

7/2011 Andy has been named the Hortense Cavis Shepherd Professor! This Professorship is awarded by the Provost to one untenured faculty member at UNH, and it carries a 3-year term.

5/2011 Sarah Tower-Richardi serves as Chief Class Marshall at the 2011 commencement, for achieving the highest GPA and earning the most credits among ~2500 graduates. Wow!!

4/2011 Candace Stohl has been named a 2011 John G. Winant Fellow by the Carsey Institute! The fellowship will support her summer internship at the Krempels Center, a nonprofit organization with the mission of "improving the lives of people living with brain injury, trauma, tumor or stroke."

4/2011 Jen Lechak and Erika Wells are both awarded Summer TA Fellowships from the UNH Graduate School!

10/2010 Erika Wells' work with motion-induced blindness is covered by New Scientist. That's her computer program in the demo!

9/2010 The lab has been awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation.  The funding will support our ongoing fMRI research on fluctuations in attentional control. See a brief snippet about the award from the UNH College Letter here.

7/2010 In collaboration with Dominique Lamy, from Tel Aviv University, the lab has been awarded a research grant from the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation.  The funding will support research on priming effects in visual search.

4/2010 Liz Weber receives the "Best Research" award for her poster presentation, based on her senior thesis, at the New Hampshire Psychological Association student convention.  At the same conference, Liz participated in the Psychology Bowl and helped UNH bring home the first place trophy. Way to go Liz!  See the story here.

4/2010 Erika Wells receives her second consecutive Summer TA Fellowship from the UNH Graduate School!

4/2010 Sarah Tower-Richardi is awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), to do eye-tracking research at MIT this summer.  She'll be in Nancy Kanwisher's lab, working primarily with Julie Golomb

4/2010 Sarah Tower-Richardi wins the Haslerud Award for the most outstanding junior psychology major at UNH. Congrats to Sarah!  

3/2010 Brendan Everett gets profiled on the front page of UNH's website for his sensory substitution project.  Nice story! Read about it here.  

5/2009 Jennifer Lechak joins the lab and begins her graduate career.  Welcome Jen!

4/2009 Erika Wells receives a Summer TA Fellowship from the UNH Graduate School

3/2009 Andy is awarded a Summer Faculty Fellowship from the UNH Graduate School.

1/2009 Brendan Everett is awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), to study sensory substitution at Queen Mary University, London, this summer, with Michael Proulx.

9/2008 Andy's work on multitasking is covered by, among other news outlets.