with my classmates Charlie Jones, Taisuke Nishigauchi, Carolyn Quintero and Peter Sells, UMass/Amherst circa 1982

Craige Roberts: LSA Summer Course UMass 2023

Anaphora in Dynamic Pragmatics

This course was essentially the current draft of a monograph on anaphora that I've been writing since 1984. We'll see if I ever get it finished. Meanwhile:

Syllabus and Background:

Roberts (2023) LSA Anaphora course Syllabus

Roberts (2023) Introductory Message with background reading suggestions

Roberts (2023) Brazil Anaphora Lecture 1 (revised)

Roberts (2023) Brazil Anaphora Lecture 2 (revised)

Roberts (2023) Bibliography for LSA anaphora course

Lecture Notes:

 Roberts (2023) LSA Anaphora Lecture I.  Introduction: The phenomena and the basic analysis of anaphora

Roberts (2023) LSA Anaphora Lectures II and III. The architecture of interpretation: The dynamic relationship between semantics and pragmatics

Roberts (2023) Figures for LSA Anaphora Lecture II

Roberts (2023)  LSA Anaphora Lecture IV. Relevance, salience and retrievability

Roberts (2023) Appendix A for LSA Anaphora Lecture IV: Asher & Lascarides' (2003) discourse relations


Supplementary Reading:

See my papers on Reference, anaphora, and the semantics of definite noun phrases in my Selected Publications and Manuscripts. In addition:

Roberts (2017) Linguistic convention and the architecture of interpretation. [preprint] Analytic Philosophy 58.4:418-439, 2017.

Roberts (2023) The architecture of interpretation: Dynamic pragmatics and pragmatic competence. [manuscript] The Beth Lecture at the 2022 Amsterdam Colloquium.

Roberts & Simons (2023) Preconditions and projection: Explaining non-anaphoric presupposition. [manuscript] Under review.

Craige Roberts