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Craige Roberts


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portrait by Prudence Whittlesey 2013

Professor Emerita of Linguistics
The Ohio State University

Affiliate, Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science

My main areas of specialization within linguistics are formal semantics and pragmatics. Within these fields, my principal research interests are:

  • Anaphora, definiteness, and specificity. Indexicals and proper names.
  • Formal models of the context of utterance and its role in interpretation: Presupposition, focus, implicature, perspective, and domain restriction
  • The semantics and pragmatics of modality, mood, tense, and aspect

My current projects mainly revolve around modelling how indexicality and perspective influence interpretation in natural languages. I'm completing a monograph on the subject, and related papers on Kaplan's notion of Character and on the indexicality of English epistemic modal auxiliaries. See my Papers for the manuscripts.

I also have on-going work on the relationship between pragmatics and semantics, and on dynamic pragmatics.

I've been collaborating with David Beaver, Mandy Simons, and Judith Tonhauser since 2006 on projects that pertain to projective meaning: presupposition, conventional implicature, and other non-assertoric aspects of utterance meaning. We currently have a collaborative grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation (2015-2020): "What's the question? A cross-linguistic investigation into compositional and pragmatic constraints on the question under discussion".

My colleague at OSU Philosophy, Stewart Shapiro, and I have a long-term project on natural language metaphysics. We're currently working on papers on the problem of logical omniscience in epistemic modal statements, and on Waismann's notion of open-texture in meaning.

I'm a member of the editorial board of Semantics and Pragmatics.

Contact Information:
Email: roberts DOT 21 AT osu.edu