Research Interests

Condensed Matter Physics

  • Spectroscopy of low dimensional systems and random networks
    • Electronic, magnetic, and elastic properties
  • Nano-scale magnetism
    • Magnetic tweezers for transport and assembly
  • Photonic and miniature devices
    • Electron-driven nano-structuring of network glasses
    • Micro-pumps, -pistons, and -engines for engineering and biology


  • New approaches for cell manipulation
    • Cell mechanics, sorting cell populations, gene/drug delivery
  • Elasticity of biological tissues
    • Non-invasive mapping of eye lens and corneal elasticity

Supported By

Magnets. How do they work? Magnetically Actuated Microrotor Fluid Pump Elastic Properties of Eye Lenses via Brillouin Scattering Regulating Brownian Fluctuations Mobile Magnetic Disk Traps: Manipulating Labeled and Unlabeled Cells Brillouin Scattering of Low-k dielectric nano-films