GrammR: Graphical representation and modeling of metagenomic reads

 Bullet PURPOSE: To represent metagenomic samples on the Euclidean space to examine similarity amongst samples by studying clusters in the model. Given the matrix of metagenomic counts for samples, this package (1) quantifies dissimilarity between samples using Kendall's tau-distance, (2) constructs multidimensional models of different dimension, and (3) plots the models for visualization and comparison.

The GrammR package may be downloaded from the links below

 Bullet GrammR on Linux (Version 1.0.0 for running on Linux; in a zipped, tar file; compiled with R 3.1)

 Bullet GrammR on Windows (Version 1.0.0; compiled R package file for Windows in a zipped file)

 Bullet Brief Instructions for installing and runing GrammR. Complete manual

The GrammR package may also be downloaded from the CRAN website directly

 Bullet GrammR on CRAN (For all platforms)

 Bullet Sample data for runing GrammRGUI (folder containing three files).


 Bullet If you have any questions, please email Deepack Ayyala at Deepak Ayyala at, or Shili Lin at