PURPOSE: LIME is a partial Likelihood approach for detecting Imprinting and Maternal Effects (LIME) using case-control nuclear families with an arbitrary number of affected and unaffected children.

 Bullet Compiled R package for Libux and Mac (in a zipped, tar file; updated 12/02/2016)

 Bullet Sample data 1

 Bullet Sample data 2 (This data file is for running the discordant sibship version of LIME)


PURPOSE: This R package is for calculating information contained in collected data and/or for calculating sample sizes needed before carrying out an study with or without pilot data available.

 Bullet Software (For running on Linux; in a zipped, tar file)

 Bullet manual for description of the package and examples.


 Bullet If you have any questions, please email Yueqing Hu at or Shili Lin at