Current Postdoctoral Research Associate:

NameResearch Topic
Dr. Sung Yong Park ( Composites of Gold Nanoparticles and DNA; Vortices in Josephson Arrays and High-Temperature Superconductors.

Past Postdoctoral Research Associates:

NameResearch Topic(s)Current Location/Position
Seungoh RyuFlux Lattice Melting in High-Tc Superconductors Staff Scientist, Schlumberger-Doll Research Labs (Ridgefield, CT)
Ki Ho LeeSuperconducting ArraysProfessor and Chair, Department of Physics, Dankook University (Korea)
Zhiqiang WangLiquid Metals Staff Scientist, HNC Corp., San Diego
Liam CoffeyMany-Body Effects in Superconductors Illinois Inst. of Technology
Randy Fishman Granular SuperconductorsOak Ridge National Laboratory
Moo-Young Choi Phase Transitions in Superconducting Arrays Professor of Physics Seoul National University
David WrightPercolation; Liquid Crystals Staff Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wei-Heng ShihLiquid Metals; Polyball Suspensions Associate Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Drexel University
Wan Young ShihJosephson Arrays in a Magnetic Field Research Associate Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Drexel University
David BowmanGranular Superconductors??
Malcolm GrimsonLiquid Metals Professor of Physics, University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Kin Keung Mon Liquid SurfacesProfessor of Physics, University of Georgia
David M. WoodComposite Materials/Liquid Metals Professor of Physics, Colorado School of Mines
William J. LambComposite Materials Researcher, EDGE Research Institute, University of Oklahoma
Stephen Teitel Frustrated Josephson Junction Arrays Professor of Physics, University of Rochester