Recording of my presentation at a BIRS workshop in Aug. 2018


During graduate school, I was part of Björn Sandstede's weekly reading group. The topics we covered during that time and the subtopics I presented on are below:

Date Semester Topic My Lecture Subtopic Lecture Notes
Spring 2017 Data science Persistent homology
Fall 2016 Vegetation patterns Power laws in experiments & models
Spring 2016 Nonlinear waves: spatial dynamics & Fredholm approaches NA
Fall 2015 Statistical mechanics Continuum limits of microscopic models Notes
Spring 2015 Dynamics of networks Static networks Notes
Fall 2014 Traffic flow Swarming & flocking
Spring 2014 Stochastic slow-fast systems Kramer's Law: 1D flows Notes
Fall 2013 Degree & Morse theory, variational methods, Conley index Variational methods: genus, Ljusternik-Schnirelman Summary Sheet

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Recorded lectures + presentations:

Alexandria Volkening
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