Clippers: a computational linguistics discussion group (White 795.04 Winter 2009)

Clippers is our forum for informal discussion of all issues related to computational linguistics: from work in progress of visitors and people in the department, over presentation of new papers, to practical concerns such as hints on the use of CL related software tools.

Everyone with an interest in computational linguistics is most welcome!

To see what happened in previous quarters of Clippers, you can check out the pages of some previous quarters via the links on the course catalog page.

When and where: Fridays at 130- 248 in Jennings Hall 0136.

Important: Please be sure to subscribe to our local computational linguistics mailing list on which all Clippers sessions and talks are announced.

The plan, as usual, is to start each session with 10-15 minutes of open discussion — usually consisting of news, announcements and the Paul Davis Moment — and then to continue with the following topics:



Discussion Leader


9 January

Michael White

Organizational Meeting

16 January

Michael White

Evaluating Intonation in FLIGHTS

23 January

Dennis Mehay

Shake-and-Bake Decoding for Phrase-Based MT

30 January

Michael White

Conversation on Teaching

6 February

Joshua King

Context in Dialogue Management

13 February

Ilana Heintz

Models of Phonemic Category Learning

20 February

Timothy Weale

Word Relatedness Metrics

27 February

Jeremy Morris

Extending CRFs for Word Recognition

6 March

DJ Hovermale

Word Sense Disambiguation and Spelling Correction

13 March

Rajakrishnan Rajkumar

Syntax-Based Perceptron Models for Realization

Michael White / 2009-03-04