Browser Safe Palette

CSS colors

One absurb feature of these and extended CSS colors below is that they lie outside the minimal, standard 216 color. Hence their presentation varies between browsers and printers.

aqua black blue fuchsia gray green lime maroon
navy olive purple red silver teal white yellow

Extended CSS Colors

Browser Safe Colors

These 216 colors are those actually used by Netscape and Internet Explorer. The additional 40 (out of 256) vary on Macs and Pcs. These 216 are generated by all combination of 00, 33, 66, 99, CC and FF. Below are four ordering versions.

Death of the Websafe Color Palette? (Probably will have to do a search to see the full version. Here is a copy without the examples.) See one ordering or another ordering. (Simple ordering,descending from 000000 (or FFFFFF); can't be printed or seen with vt100 browser.} See also

color by hue color by value Find any color you want
Use javascript
Ordered by hue. huge; has RGB values; can be printed; lynx-viewable. Ordered by value. huge; descending from FFFFFF; has RGB values; can be printed; lynx-viewable. Identify your any color.

Fewer colors reduces load time.

Images to test color printers. Click to see full-size image.
Click for additional background information.
[Ikon of Christ] [Helmet] [Helmet] [Fly]
  Russian chromolithograph, 1854, done at the behest of Tsar Alexander II, of the side view of the helmet which had been worn by Grand Duke (and later, Saint) Alexander Nevsky. The Khanjar is the traditional dagger of Indo-Persia; this example is probably Indian.

Misc. and Excellent reference
Left-right brain conflict.
Charles Poynton has excellent books and webpages on "hysics, mathematics, and engineering of digital color imaging systems, including digital still cameras, digital video, HDTV, and digital cinema (D-cinema)." He warns you how seductive this material is with a quote from Oxford Univesity Press style manual: "If you take hyphens seriously, you will surely go mad."

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