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Additional information on Fortran products is available on the World Wide Web at the URLs http://www.fortran.com/fortran and http://www.fortranlib.com/.

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Where can I obtain a FORTRAN 95 compiler?

Compaq offers highly optimizing Fortran 95 compilers for the following platforms: Tru64 UNIX Alpha, OpenVMS Alpha, Windows 95/98/NT, and Linux Alpha. The Windows product, Compaq Visual Fortran, includes the Microsoft Developer Studio IDE which can be shared with Microsoft Visual C++. Parallel execution using OpenMP-directed decomposition or HPF is included on the Tru64 UNIX platform. On Windows NT, SMP parallel execution using directed decomposition is available through Visual KAP from Kuck and Associates. Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha Systems is available as a free download under a Technology Enthusiast license for non-commercial use. All Compaq Fortran 95 products include the Compaq Extended Math Library of optimized scientific subroutines (on OpenVMS in early 2000.) See: http://www.compaq.com/fortran or mail to fortran@compaq.com.

Cray Research has a fully-optimizing, native Fortran 95 compiler that is being marketed by them for the CRAY J90, C90, T90, T3E and SV1 systems. It supports automatic parallization and OpenMP. In addition, Cray resells PGI's HPF compiler, for these same systems: http://www.cray.com/products/software/pe/cf90.html and hpf.html. Co-Array Fortran has been implemented on the CRAY-T3E as a supported feature of the Fortran 90 compiler: www.co-array.org.

Fujitsu has a Fortran 95 compiler for the platforms Solaris 2.3 or later, Linux and Windows NT/95/98, and highly optimized, native Fortran 95 compilers, UXP/V Fortran and Fortran/VPP, for the Fujitsu VPP supercomputers. Contact: Europe: rdsoft@fujitsu.co.uk or http://www.fujitsu.co.uk/; North America: info@tools.fujitsu.com or http://www.tools.fujitsu.com/.

IBM XL Fortran for AIX Version 6.1 supports the Fortran 95 standard. XLF is a highly optimized, native compiler designed to exploit the RS/6000 symmetric multi-processing (SMP) architecture as well as providing support for 64-bit pointers and addressability for serial and SMP codes. XLF V6.1 provides additional support for the OpenMP Fortran API, exploits the new IBM POWER3 architecture, and provides a technical preview of the new IBM Distributed Debugger. For more information: http://www.software.ibm.com/ad/fortran.

Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 is produced by the Lahey/Fujitsu alliance. LF95 is available in three configurations: LF95 Express, LF95 Standard, and LF95 PRO. All three configurations feature: VAX, IBM, and POSIX language extensions, Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Delphi compatibility, Y2K runtime checking, etc. The Standard system includes a Fortran-smart Windows editor, a debugger, an AUTOMAKE make utility, and an enhanced Winteracter Starter kit for creating true Windows programs with Fortran, and a Coverage Analysis Tool that detects unexecuted code and performs range of operation checking. The PRO system includes Fujitsu's Visual Analyzer (see below). LF95 Linux Express is also available: sales@lahey.com or http://www.lahey.com.

NAG provides a compiler for most unix platforms, VMS and PCs (including Linux/x86 and Alpha). This was the first f90 compiler, in 1991. The unix and Linux ports have now been updated to Fortran 95 plus ISO extensions (floating-point exception handling etc.). An optimizing version produced in collaboration with ACE (see above) for Suns is available. The NAGWare f90 Tools are a suite of Fortran 90 tools that, among other things, perform F77 to f90 conversion. (infodesk@nag.com, infodesk@nag.co.uk or http://www.nag.co.uk/).

NA Software supplies Fortran 95 on PCs (including Windows 95, NT and Linux/x86) and Sparc Solaris. It includes the ISO extensions for IEEE arithmetic and allocatable array enhancements, a native implementation of ISO_VARYING_STRING, and a built-in module providing OpenGL conformance. It also comes with a GUI-based source level debugger. It also supplies an F77 to f90 syntax converter, LOFT90, and as well as HPF (http://www.nasoftware.co.uk/home.html).

Salford Software markets a Fortran 95 compiler for PCs, including Windows 95 and NT. A cheap student version is available: http://www.salford.co.uk/ or sales@salford-software.com or http://www.fortran.com/fortran/Salford. In Japan, contact SofTek Systems, Inc. (see below).

SGI has the MIPSpro Fortran 95 compiler (which now uses the Cray front end) available for all SGI IRIX systems. It can be configured with an optional Auto Parallelizing Option (APO) product to do automatic parallelization of Fortran code. It supports OpenMP. (http://www.sgi.com/Products/DevMagic/products/fortran.html)

Sun will be releasing in May Sun WorkShop 6 F95, which will have native OpenMP and support for Interval Arithmetic. The compilers are available for downloading as part of the Sun WorkShop Early Access program. See: http://access1.sun.com/workshop6ea.

Where can I obtain a FORTRAN 90 or subset compiler?

Absoft sells its native version of Cray's CF90 for the Power Macintosh. It also has, among others, "Pro Fortran v6.0 for Windows", a complete workbench for PC users, (sales@absoft.com or http://www.absoft.com). A parallelizing version for PCs and a Linux/x86 version are available.

ACE of Holland provides f90 and HPF for Parsytec PowerPC-based machines (marco@ace.nl, http://www.ace.nl/).

Apogee's f90 compiler is highly optimized for SPARC architectures (sales@apogee.com or http://www.apogee.com).

EPC has optimizing, native compilers for Windows NT, x86, Sun, RS/6000, SGI and MIPS (http://www.epc.co.uk, info@epc.com, support@epc.co.uk). HPF is available. In Japan, contact SofTek Systems, Inc. (see below).

HP has collaborated with EPC to produce an optimizing compiler for HP-UX and SPP-UX platforms; see http://www.hp.com/go/hpfortran.

Imagine1 Inc offers F, the subset language for Unix, Windows and Macintosh PowerPC, some in highly optimizing versions. They hope F will be the true stepping stone to HPF and at the same time replace Basic, Pascal and C for teaching purposes. The version for Linux/x86 is free. See http://www.imagine1.com/imagine1 and the book section below.

Lahey also supplies elf90, a subset language without old features like storage association that is designed for teaching, and is very cheap. It can be downloaded from the Web site (see above).

Microway NDP Fortran 90 for 386/486 and Pentium is available (nina@microway.com). In Japan, contact SofTek Systems, Inc. (see below).

NEC has released a native, optimizing Fortran90 compiler, FORTRAN90/SX, with an automatic vectorization and parallelization capability, for its supercomputer SX series (sx-4@sxsmd.ho.nec.co.jp).

PSR's VAST/f90 compiler for unix, VMS and Convex includes a vectorizer. PSR supplies VAST/77to90, to convert FORTRAN 77 programs into Fortran 90 syntax, as well as VAST/HPF (info@psrv.com or http://www.psrv.com/). An f90/95/HPF compiler for linux/x86 is free for personal use.

PGI has a Fortran 90/HPF compiler for SGI, IBM SP2, HP/Convex, and Sun Ultra, as well as a native F90/HPF compiler for Intel-based Linux/Solaris86/NT workstations and servers. The latter supports auto-parallelization, native OpenMP parallelization, and HPF parallelization (sales@pgroup.com or http://www.pgroup.com).

SofTek Systems, Inc. is a provider of a wide variety of HPF compilers, tools, and technical expertise. See either info@softek.co.jp or http://www.softek.co.jp. Tel: 81-3-3412-6008, fax: 81-3-3412-7990.

Sun has an f90 product, Sun Performance WorkShop Fortran 5.0, (http://www.sun.com/workshop/fortran or tel. 1-800-SUNSOFT). For Sun's HPF, based on Thinking Machine's "GlobalWorks", see http://www.sun.com/hpc. Details of Sun's public-domain Fortran preprocessor are available at http://www.sun.com/workshop/fortran/wp-fpp/.

Other useful products

Fujitsu Visual Analyzer (www.lahey.com): Visually analyze the call structure and logic flow of your Fortran and C source code. Display a detailed cross reference of all the variables in the program and where modules and commons are defined and referenced. Show C global variable definitions and references as well. VA can help you understand someone else's code, detect subtle programming errors across multiple files, and verify compliance with the Fortran 95 standard.

Spackman & Hendrickson, Inc. supply SHAPE95, a comprehensive set of Fortran 95 compiler conformance tests. There are over 7500 individual, executable, self-checking, test subroutines. Each subroutine tests a particular aspect of compiler conformance to the Fortran 95 standard. The test suite is platform and OS independent and is bootstrapable from a Fortran 90 compiler. Installation and training are also available. For more information contact Dick Hendrickson, dick.hendrickson@att.net (612) 378-9694.

Bradly Associates supplies the GINO and GINOMENU range of GUI and Graphics libraries for Win32, Unix and OpenVMS with an F90 binding. More information at www.bradassoc.co.uk

I.S.S. supplies Winteracter, a Win32 Fortran 90 user interface and graphics development tool. See http://www.demon.co.uk/issltd/.

FORCHECK is a static analyzer for Fortran programs. It analyses both the individual program units and the whole program. It optionally verifies the syntax for conformance to the Fortran 90 standard, and provides warnings on undefined and unreferenced syntax items, inconsistent argument lists, and much more. FORCHECK generates documentation, such as cross-reference tables. See http://www.medfac.leidenuniv.nl/forcheck.

HPF is available not only as listed above, but also on the definitive list of sites to be found at www.ac.upc.es/HPFSurvey. See also http://www.crpc.rice.edu/HPFF.

A source form convertor, convert.f90, is obtainable by ftp from ftp.numerical.rl.ac.uk in the directory /pub/MandR. Latest version is 1.5.

Another is Alan Miller's to_f90.f90 at http://www.ozemail.com.au/~milleraj.

A 2- and 3-D OpenGL graphics interface, f90gl, for Unix and Windows 95/NT, is obtainable at http://math.nist.gov/f90gl. Latest version is 1.2. A version compatible with Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 (LF95) and Lahey Fortran 90 (LF90) is available at www.lahey.com/support/SetupF90gl.exe.

A free set of wrapper routines to call a subset of Xlib routines from Fortran 90 is available from Garnatz and Grovender, Inc.: gginc@winternet.com, http://www.winternet.com/~gginc/, or ftp.winternet.com/users/gginc.

NAG (see above) and IMSL (now Visual Numerics, mktg@houston.vni.com) offer f90 versions of their maths libraries that take full advantage of the language's library building capabilities.

An f90 mode is included in the official Emacs distribution (GNU Emacs-19.28/XEmacs-19.13 or later).

For make files, a perl5 script, which behaves like an X11 makedepend program (it edits an existing Makefile) and recursively searches include files for more dependencies, is available from Kate Hedstrom: ftp://ahab.rutgers.edu/pub/perl/sfmakedepend http://marine.rutgers.edu/po/perl.html For a makemake perl script: http://www.fortran.com/fortran/makemake.html.

FORESYS (FORtran Engineering SYStem) is an integrated set of tools designed for engineers in charge of developing, maintaining and upgrading programs written in Fortran. It is suited for, among other things, migrating applications from Fortran 77 to Fortran 90. See Simulog below.

Polyhedron Software's plusFORT Version 6.0 has comprehensive facilities for translation of Fortran 77 and VAX Fortran to Fortran 90. A new Windows front-end is available for the NT version. A major feature is AUTOMAKE, which automatically detects Fortran 90 module dependencies. Sue@polyhdrn.demon.co.uk, http://www.polyhedron.co.uk/.

A F90 source for a f90split utility is at ftp://ftp.ifremer.fr/ifremer/ditigo/fortran90/f90split.f90.gz. See also http://www.ifremer.fr/ditigo/molagnon/fortran90/ and ftp://ftp.ifremer.fr/ifremer/ditigo/fortran90/moware-1.0.tar.gz to get an F90 to PostScript list program and an F90 aware pre-processor similar to cpp, but with pretty-printing for the pre-processed code.

Fortran90-lint, for Fortran 90 program analysis, also other tools, from http://www.iptweb.com/tools/stdprod/flint/flint90.html.

The C2F.ZIP file is available via ftp://members.aol.com/DaveGemini/TEST. It contains C2F.EXE, a C=&ft;F90 "hands-off" translator program for Win95/NT.

Some coding and style guidelines have been developed by the European meteorologists: http://www.meto.gov.uk/sec5/NWP/NWP_F90Standards.html.

f90SQL offers a convenient and familiar way to directly read and write data from your Fortran programs to many applications formats. See info about the library at http://www.canaimasoft.com/f90sql.

What books are available?
   [** = from stock at www.amazon.com]

English books on Fortran 95:

**Fortran 90/95 Explained (2nd. edition) - Metcalf & Reid, Oxford U. Press, 1999, ISBN 0-19-850558-2, about $33. This book is a complete, audited description of the Fortran 90 and Fortran 95 languages in a more readable style than the standards themselves. It incorporates all J3 and WG5's interpretations and has chapters on the floating-point exception handling and the data type enhancement of the official ISO extensions. It has six Appendices, including an extended example program that is available by ftp and solutions to exercises. For US orders: www.oup-usa.org or toll free 1-800-451-7556; in the UK: www.oup.co.uk.

Fortran 90/95 for Scientists and Engineers - Chapman, McGraw-Hill, 1997, ISBN 0-07-011938-4.

Fortran 95 - Counihan, UCL, 1997, 185728367-8.

Fortran 95 Handbook - Adams, Brainerd, Martin, Smith and Wagener, MIT, 1997, ISBN 0-262-51096-0.

Fortran 95 Language Guide - Gehrke, Springer, London, 1996, ISBN 3-540-76062-8.

Introduction to Fortran 90/95 - Chapman, McGraw-Hill, 1997, ISBN 0-07-011969-4.

Introduction to Fortran 90/95, Algorithms, and Structured Programming, Part 1: Introduction to Fortran 90, Part 2: Algorithms and Fortran 90. R. Vowels: 93 Park Drive, Parkville 3052, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, (robin_v@bigpond.com). $43 Aust with disk, ISBN 0-9596384-8-2.

The DIGITAL Visual Fortran Programmer's Guide, ISBN 1-55558-218-4, April, 1999.

English books on Fortran 90:

**Fortran 90 - Meissner, PWS Kent, Boston, 1995, ISBN 0-534-93372-6.

Fortran 90 - Huddleston, Exchange Publ. Div., Buffalo, NY, 1996, ISBN 0-945261-07-1.

**Fortran 90 and Engineering Computation - Schick and Silverman, John Wiley, 1994, ISBN 0-471-58512-2.

**Fortran 90, A Reference Guide - Chamberland, Prentice Hall PTR, 1995, ISBN 0-13-397332-8.

**Fortran 90 Concise Reference - Wagener, Absoft, 1998, ISBN 0-9670066-0-0.

**Fortran 90 for Engineers and Scientists - Nyhoff and Leestma, Prentice Hall, 1996, ISBN 0-13-519729-5. An 'Introduction to ....' also exists: 1996, ISBN 0-13-505215-7.

Fortran 90 for Scientists and Engineers - Brian D. Hahn, Edward Arnold, 1994, ISBN 0-340-60034-9.

**Fortran 90 Programming - Ellis, Philips, Lahey, Addison Wesley, Wokingham, 1994, ISBN 0-201-54446-6.

**Introducing Fortran 90 - Chivers and Sleightholme, Springer-Verlag London, 1995, ISBN 3-540-19940-3.

Introduction to Fortran 90 for Scientific Computing - Ortega, Saunders College Publishing, 1994, ISBN 0-030010198-0.

**Problem solving with Fortran 90: for scientists and engineers - Brooks, 1997, Springer, 0-387-98229-9.

**Programmer's Guide to Fortran 90, third edition - Brainerd, Goldberg and Adams, Springer, 1996, ISBN 0-387-94570-9.

Programming in Fortran 90 - Morgan and Schonfelder, Alfred Waller/ McGraw-Hill, Oxfordshire, 1993, ISBN 1-872474-06-3.

**Programming in Fortran 90 - I.M. Smith, Wiley, ISBN 0471-94185-9.

**Upgrading to Fortran 90 - Redwine, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1995, ISBN 0-387-97995-6.

English books on subset languages:

Algorithms and Data Structures in F and Fortran - Vowels. Order from http://www.uni-comp.com/fortran.

essential Fortran 90 and 95 - Meissner, Unicomp, 1997, ISBN 0-9640135-3-3.

Key Features of F - Adams, Brainerd, Martin and Smith, 1996, ISBN 0-9640135-2-5, Unicomp.

Programmer's Guide to F - Brainerd, Goldberg and Adams, 1996, ISBN 0-9640135-1-7, Unicomp.

Programming in F - Ellis and Philips, Addison Wesley, Wokingham, 1998, ISBN 0-201-17991-1.

The F Language Guide - Gehrke, Springer, London, 1997, ISBN 3-540-7615-9.

The F Programming Language - Metcalf and Reid, Oxford University Press, 1996, ISBN 0-19-850026-2, about $33. This book is the definitive description of the F programming language - a carefully crafted subset of Fortran 90 that is highly regular and stripped of Fortran's older, dangerous features, but retains the powerful array language, data abstraction and pointers. It has six Appendices, including an extended example program that is available by ftp and solutions to exercises. Orders: www.oup-usa.org or toll free 1-800-451-7556; UK: www.oup.co.uk.

English books on related topics:

Advanced Scientific Computing - Wille, Wiley, 1995, ISBN 0471-95383-0.

**Atlas for Computing Mathematical Functions ... in Fortran 90 and Mathematica - Thompson, Wiley, 1997, 0-471-18171-4.

**Contemporary Computing for Technical Engineers and Scientists: using Fortran 90 and spreadsheets - Forsythe, PWS, 1997, 0-534-93139-1.

**Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90: The Art of Parallel Scientific Computing, Volume 2 of Fortran Numerical Recipes - Press, Teukolsky, Vetterling and Flannery, Cambridge U. Press, ISBN 0-521-57439-0, 1996. Code can be downloaded (purchased) from http://nr.harvard.edu/nr/store. A CDROM is also available (see Web site).

Chinese: Programming Language Fortran 90 - He Xingui, Xu Zuyuan, Wu Qingbao and Chen Mingyuan, China Railway Publishing House, Beijing, ISBN 7-113-01788-6/TP.187, 1994.

Dutch: Fortran 90 - W.S. Brainerd, Ch.H. Goldberg, and J.C. Adams, translated by J.M. den Haan, Academic Service, 1991, ISBN 90 6233 722 8.

Finnish: Fortran 90 - Haataja, Rahola and Ruokolainen, Center for Scientific Computing (Finland), 1996, 286 pages, ISBN 952-9821-33-6. WWW version: http://www.csc.fi/oppaat/f90/


Fortran 90; Approche par la Pratique - Lignelet, Série Informatique Éditions, Menton, 1993, ISBN 2-090615-01-4.

Fortran 90. Les concepts fondamentaux, the translation of "Fortran 90 Explained" M. Metcalf, J. Reid, translated by M. Caillet and B. Pichon, AFNOR, Paris, ISBN 2-12-486513-7.

Fortran 90; Initiation á partir du Fortran 77 - Aberti, Série Informatique Editions, Menton, 1992, ISBN 2-090615-00-6.

Les spécificités du Fortran 90, Dubbesset, M. et Vignes, J., Éditions Technip, 1993. ISBN 2-7108-0652-5.

Manuel complet du langage Fortran 90, et guide d'application, Lignelet, P., S.I. editions, Jan. 1995. ISBN 2-909615-02-2

Manuel Complet du Langage Fortran 90 et Fortran 95, Calcul intensif et Genie Logiciel, Lignelet (Masson Éditions, Paris; ISBN: 2-225-85229-4).

Programmer en Fortran 90, Delannoy, C., Eyrolles, 1992, ISBN 2-212-08723-3

Traitement des données numeriques avec Fortran 90, Olagnon M., Masson, 1996, ISBN 2-225-85259-6.

Savez-vous parler Fortran, AIN, M., Bibliothèque des universités (de Boeck), 1994. ISBN 2-8041-1755-3.

Structures des données (et leurs algorithmes) en Fortran 90/95, P. Lignelet, Les Éditions Masson, Paris, ISBN 2-225-85373-8.


Fortran 90 Lehrbuch - Rabenstein, Hanser, 1995, ISBN 3-446-18235-7.

Die Programmiersprache F - Gehrke, Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-63376-6.

Fortran 90 - B.Wojcieszynski and R.Wojcieszynski, Addison-Wesley, 1993, ISBN 3-89319-600-5.

Fortran 90: eine informelle Einführung - Heisterkamp, BI-Wissenschaftsverlag, 1991, ISBN 3-411153-210.

Fortran 90, Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch für das erfolgreiche Programmieren - W.S. Brainerd, C.H. Goldberg, and J.C. Adams, translated by P. Thomas and K. Paul, R. Olbenbourg Verlag, Muenchen, 1994, ISBN 3-486-22102-7.

Fortran 90 Lehr- und Handbuch - T. Michel, BI-Wissenschaftsverlag, 1994.

Fortran 90 Referenz-Handbuch: der neue Fortran-Standard - Gehrke, Carl Hansen Verlag, 1991, ISBN 3-446163-21-2.

Programmierung in Fortran 90 - Schobert, Oldenburg, 1991.

Programmierung mit Fortran 90 - Bäumer, Vieweg, Braunschweig, 1997, ISBN 3-528-05208-2.

Programmieren in Fortran - Erasmus Langer, Springer-Verlag, Wien, New York, 1993. ISBN 3-211-82446-4, 0-387-82446-4.

Software Entwicklung in Fortran 90 - Überhuber and Meditz, Springer Verlag, 1993, ISBN 0-387-82450-2.


Fortran 90 Explained - Metcalf and Reid, translated by H. Nisimura, H. Wada, K. Nishimura, M. Takata, Kyoritsu Shuppan Co., Ltd., 1993, ISSN 0385-6984.


An Explanation of the Fortran 90 Programming Language (translation of Fortran 90 Explained - Metcalf and Reid), translated P. Gorbounov, Mir, Moscow, 1995, ISBN 5-03-001426-8. Available also from Petr.Gorbounov@cern.ch.

FORTRAN 77 to Fortran 90 Tutorial - Einarsson and Shokin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, 1995, ISBN 5-85826-013-6.


Fortran 90 - en introduktion - Blom, Studentlitteratur, Lund, 1994, ISBN 91-44-47881-X.

Where can I obtain courses, course material or consultancy?

Copyright but freely available course material is available on the World Wide Web from the URLs:

Paul Dubois's lecture notes and class materials on "Object Based Programming in Fortran 90" at ftp://ftp-icf.llnl.gov/pub/OBF90. (In WinZip, on the Options|Configuration menu, turn off "tar smart convert CR/LF".)

Manchester Computer Centre: http://www.hpctec.mcc.ac.uk/hpctec/courses/Fortran90/F90course.html or via ftp: ftp.mcc.ac.uk, in the directory /pub/mantec/Fortran90.

U. of Liverpool: http://www.liv.ac.uk/HPC/HPCpage.html - covers f90 and HPF, with Java-enhanced Web pages.

CERN: http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/asdoc/f90.html or via anonymous ftp from asisftp.cern.ch in the directory cnl as the file f90tutor.ps.

In French: Support de cours Fortran 90 IDRIS - Corde & Delouis (from http://www.idris.fr/data/cours/lang/f90).

U. of Edinburgh (on HPF): http:// www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/epcc-tec/course-packages/HPF-Package-form.html

Linkoping U.: http://www.nsc.liu.se/f77to90.html.

U. of New Mexico: ftp://mycroft.plk.af.mil/pub/Fortran_90/Tutorial/

Courses are available from:

Walt Brainerd, a former member of J3, also on HPF (walt@fortran.com).

Tom Lahey (sales@lahey.com).

PSR (see above).

Michael Metcalf, formerly of CERN, Switzerland, and an ex-member of J3 and WG5, offers a Fortran 95 course that lasts for six 75-minute sessions. There is an F version too. He is happy to negotiate holding either version anywhere in the world. These courses are suitable for graduates, or equivalent level, and are a useful way to 'kick-start' a Fortran 90/95 or an F activity at a given site. Contact michaelmetcalf@compuserve.com, or Kärntner Ring 10, A-1010 Vienna, Austria, (tel. +43.1.503.79.40, fax. +43.1.503.11.45).

John Reid, formerly of J3 and a member of WG5, offers a Fortran 90 course. He is happy to negotiate holding it anywhere in the world. It is suitable for graduates, or equivalent level, and is a useful way to 'kick-start' a Fortran 90 activity at a given site. Contact J.Reid@letterbox.rl.ac.uk.

European companies offering courses and conversion consultancy are:

Cranfield University (RMCS Shrivenham) offers 3-day courses: Introduction to Fortran 90, Fortran 90 for Fortran 77 Programmers, and Advanced Fortran 90. Courses can be arranged also on demand: http://www.rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk/main.shtml?/departments/dois/amorg/

The Computing Centre of Delft University of Technology organises courses on Fortran 90 elements for beginning programmers or an upgrade for Fortran 77 programmers. Courses can be given in English, Dutch, French, or German. See http://www.rc.tudelft.nl/cursus/ or info@RC.TUDelft.nl. Phone: +31 15 278 2000, fax: +31 15 278 3787.

IT Independent Training Limited,
2 Windlebrook Green, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK
tel. +44 1344 860172 fax. +44 1344 867992

Salford Software (see above);

Simulog, attn. Mr. E. Plestan,
1 rue James Joule, F-78286 Guyancourt Cedex, France
tel: +33 1 30 12 27 80 fax: +33 1 30 12 27 27
info@simulog.fr, http://www.simulog.fr/US/html/prods/foresys.html
infos2i@cais.com, http://www.cais.net/s2i/www/general/foresys.html

Allgemeiner Software Service
Prinz-Otto Str.7c, D-85521 Ottobrunn, Germany
Tel: +49-89-6083758 Fax: +49-89-60851437
E-mail: alsos@compuserve.com, URL: http://www.alsos.com

A Japanese company offering courses and conversion consultancy is: SofTek Systems, Inc. (see above).

Where can I find the FORTRAN and HPF standards?

The Fortran 95 standard document is available from ISO, and replaces Fortran 90. The document reference number is ISO/IEC 1539-1:1997. See http://www.iso.ch, or contact

ISO Publications, 1 rue de Varembe, Case postale 56
CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland
Fax. + 41 22 734 10 79

It may also be obtained from national member bodies such as ANSI, 1430 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10018

The Fortran 95 standard is also available for online ordering in both electronic forms (ASCII, PostScript, and PDF) and printed form at http://www.fortran.com/fortran. The prices are set by ISO.

The HPF 2.0 document is available as ftp://softlib.rice.edu/pub/HPF/hpf-v20.ps.gz.


This information is compiled on a 'best-effort' basis and is without prejudice. It may be freely copied and disseminated. Corrections and additions are solicited.

Mike Metcalf
Version of 21 December, 1999 (the penultimate year of the millennium)

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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