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  1. Applying
  2. Quickie account for undergraduate or graduate student. Ignore most of the form; only need some adviser to say you are real.
    Beside personal date and adviser's name, supply only
        project title,
        no of SUs (suggest 1000),
        field of science,
        one sentence abstract (be specific),
        under parallel percent say you are learning MPI/OpenMP,
        don't supply resume.
        If you have difficulties, contact me and
           Barb Fossum, citing my name.
        Put adviser under PI status with SSN and contact info.
  3. Established users (us)
  4. Adding user form, local postscript version; Secret fax number: 217 265-0460

(Good Luck!)

While the Origin2000 (aka k2KBC) is dying

Accounts: applying and modifying

  1. Applyins



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