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 Seminars: Condensed-Matter-Theory group  ;Summer MS&E  Other

PDF Map [But Bridge is now in place.] of Physics Research Building (in red), three nearest Parking Garages and two nearest hotels.

191 West Woodruff Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1117
Phone: 614-292-5193
FAX: 614-688-3871

Easy Address: 190 W 19th Ave [sign says: 191 W Woodruff Avenue Ave]

Easy route: Enter via left door) and keep always to your left.
After first left turn on ground floor, enter door; Climb 3 flights; take door on landing marked 2nd Lab In hall, go left until see 2196; enter.

Alternate to stairs Take elevator on left to floor 2R. Go left and keep left until see 2196; enter. Note: if take north elevator, exit at 2 (not 2R!); Take hallway full lenght of building to find matching elevator; Follow scheme three lines up.

2196 is the most eastern of the southern most row of offices.⇒

2nd floor-2196 on lab side

Office:  2194 Physical Research Building (aka 2194 PY)

MAP: Terrible campus map.  Columbus Map

Seminars: Condensed-Matter-Theory group Summer  MS&E  Other


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