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Citable Sources

In published papers, one should use only primary sources. These include orginal refereed papers and refereed review articles and books. In the case of books, reputable publishers have the book read by one of more experts in addition to using fact checker for references and numbers in tables. Some publishers fall far short of this standard.

Getting to brass tacks: can you cite Wikipedia? This is controversial topic. The Middlebury College history department says no. At the same time, it encourage Wikipedia's use to find references that have been refereed.

For this course, I would like you to strive to that standard here but recognize that with your experience this may be difficult for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is that original references are often written in such technical language that you can't easily understand them. If you use Wikipedia as your source, remember that anyone can revise any article. Both accidental and deliberate "errors" can appear. Wikipedia has many volunteers seeking to remove these but you may read a flawed article. That is one of the reason the style for citing URL includes the "date accessed."

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