Syntax for Search Engines

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Fields include: COMPANY:, TEXT: (anywhere in text), TITLE: (in document title), URL: (text in URL). Colon separates field name and object of search; e.g., TITLE:"Northern Light" and NorthernLight


Elements are " ", +, -


Elements are " ", +, -. *

Fields include host:, domain:, link: (specific URL), title: , urt: (specific words in the URL), anchor:, apple:, image:, text:.

Can use natural languge queries.

HotBot imposes 1000 result limit

Elements include " ", AND, NOT, OR

Pull down menus for "look for" and for return functions: number, nature of descript, time period and location.


Elements include " ", ( )

Searches in web catalog and in regional yellow and white page, require a comma to separate search topic from geographic area (city, state and/or ZIP code).


Short phrases are best way to search.

Only element is +; otherwise assumes OR between words.

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Syntax for Search Engines
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