Changes in FY00 Research Budget

FYI News
Number 168: December 15, 1999

FY 2000 R&D Budgets: A Comparison

Now that the FY 2000 budget process is complete, it is interesting to
compare changes in the various R&D budgets.  Below is the ranking for
programs covered by FYI.  Note that these numbers, based on a
comparison of FY 1999 and FY 2000 appropriations, do not take account
any changes in program components or the across-the-board cut of less
than 0.4% that will be implemented in various ways.  Line items include
aggregate budget categories and programs within those categories.  The
current annual inflation rate is approximately 2.4%

NIST Construction of Research Facilities    Up 91.2%
National Institutes of Health               Up 15.0%
DOE Fusion Energy Sciences                  Up 12.3%
DOD Advanced Technology Development 6.3     Up  8.5%
Total DOD 6.1, 6., 6.3                      Up  7.3%
NSF Research and Related Activities         Up  7.1%
DOD Applied Research 6.2                    Up  6.6%
Total NSF                                   Up  6.5%
DOD Basic Research 6.1                      Up  5.7%
NSF Major Research Equipment                Up  5.6%
NSF Education and Human Resources           Up  5.3%
NASA Life and Microgravity Sciences/App.    Up  5.2%
DOE Nuclear Physics                         Up  4.0%
NASA Space Science                          Up  3.7%
NASA Earth Sciences                         Up  2.9%
DOE High Energy Physics                     Up  2.4%
DOE Physics (not inertial fusion)           Up  2.0%             
NASA Space Station                          Up  1.1%
NIST Sci.and Tech.Research/Services         Up  1.1%

Dept. of Education Eisenhower Program      Unchanged

Total NASA                                Down  0.1%
NASA Science, Aeronautics, and Technology Down  0.8%
NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership  Down  1.9%
DOE Basic Energy Sciences                 Down  2.1%
DOE Inertial Fusion (defense activities)  Down  6.4%
NIST Advanced Technology Program          Down 29.9%

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