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a chief (noun)
a stupid person You're thick - i.e. 'You're a chief' Not rude at all.
Van Badham someone who sucks faeces
anus British equivalent of asshole
afternoon This word is used extensively in Australia and also in England in some places.
buttocks Now acceptable term on US television. 'John has a big ass.'
+ anus; detrimental person second meaning very common nowadays. 'Mary thinks that John is an asshole.'
asswipe (compound noun)
+ human male Used detrimentally. 'Hey, asswipe, when are you going to give me back the five bucks you borrowed from me?'
+ toilet paper Not commonly used today.
+ Worthless piece of paper, like a parking ticket
aunty (noun)
likable older gay male, not necessarily effeminate 
+ testicle Usually used in the plural. Not considered obscene today. 'John has a big pair of balls.'
bang (verb, transitive)
+ to fornicate Does not seem to have intransitive use:\] 'John banged Mary all night.' '*John and Mary banged all night.'
basket (noun)
genitals, penis 'John has a big basket.'
bastard (noun)
+ a despicable person, illigitamate male very common term, less offenssive today than a generation ago: 'Mary believes that John is a real bastard.'
baths, the (noun, plural)
gay steam bath common term for steam bath. 'John got laid at the baths last night.'
be on the rag (verb phrase)
+ have one's menstral period stronger than 'period': 'Mary is on the rag.'
beat off (verb, transitive and intransitive)
+ jack off (verb, trans. and intransitive) variation of jack off. Used less commonly. 'John beats off twice a night.'
beef (noun, noncount)
well-built male used by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities. 'Mary gets turned on by beef.'
(get) bent
get fucked Said in a derogtory way. Why don't you go get bent!
bi (adjective)
bisexual abbreviated form of bisexual: 'John is bi.'
biffy (noun, count, definite)
bathroom, restroom Canadian term: 'Mary's in the biffy.'
an oppressive woman term has gained general acceptance in recent times; original terms refers to 'female dog.' 'John found Mary out to be a vicious bitch.'
blow job
+ fellatio Standard unacceptable term. 'Mary gave John a good blow job.'
ugly woman That bird is a right boiler
boink (verb, transitive)
Have intercourse with. 'John likes to boink Mary.' current slang.
bollocks , bollicks
uk slang the chap is a bit balls,or a load of bolicks
boner (noun, count)
+ erection Term not heard much today: 'John had his first boner when he was ten.'
breast (female) Relatively acceptable today. 'Mary has big boobs.'
brown (verb)
to sniff an asshole; to butter someone up in order to win a favor. First meaning uncommon; second meaning common in the military and other large organizational institutions.
bugger (noun)
One who copulates in the rectum. See 'buggery'.
buggery (noun)
The act of copulating in the rectum. A legal term in British and Canadian law.
built like a brick shithouse (nounphrase, idiom)
+ well built physiologically 'John is built like a brick shithouse.'
bull dyke (compound noun)
+ masculine lesbian synonym for diesel dyke. Term not commonly used today.
buns (noun, plural)
buttocks 'Mary likes John's buns.'
butch (adjective)
masculine Term used may be used in heterosexual community, but is frequent (or used to be) in the gay community. 'Mary is very butch, and so is John.' 
can (noun)
Restroom, room with a toilet (toilets). 'John passed out in the can.' Very commonly used.
cherry (noum)
hymen, state of being verginal standard colloquial term, not parlour room term: 'Mary lost her cherry when she was 14.' Term can be used for males who have had their first sexual experience: 'John lost his cherry last night.'
chicken hawk
Gay male who likes underage males. Alternative form of 'chicken queen', used by 'masculine' gay males. 'John considers himself a chicken hawk.'
chicken queen
+ gay male who is attracted to underage males homosexuals Used somewhat derogatorily.
underage male. Used in the gay world only.
chocolate cha cha
+ Have anal intercourse John and George danced the chocolate cha cha all night.
+ An insult A bible thumping, back sliding hypocrite, or more technically know as a Backslidious Hypocritious:)
+ An insult A bible thumping, back sliding hypocrite, or more technically know as a Backslidious Hypocritious:)
+ An insult A bible thumping, back sliding hypocrite, or more technically know as a Backslidious Hypocritious:) and simply called a Chian!!!!
chubby chaser
male who is attracted to fat homosexuals used humnorously. 'Mary thinks that John is a chubby chaser.'
throw "to throw a ball"
to vomit "I'm going to chuck..."
clap, the (noun, singular)
gonorrhea Common term: 'John got the clap at the tubs again.'
++ clitoris abbreviated form of clitoris. This word should not be used in the presence of women except politically uncorrect ones.
closet (noun, mass)
Hiding ones gayness. Term originated as 'in the closet', then 'out of the closet' to refer to acknowledging ones gayness: 'John was in the closet for a long time before he came out of the closet last year.' Term has since been extended to refer to any skeleton in the closet; i.e., anything one is unwilling to be open about.
closet queen (compound noun, count)
A person in the closet. Term used only in the gay community, not used much today. 'John was a closet queen before he came out.'
cock ring (noun, count)
A piece of leather (usually) worn around the shank of the penis It purpose is to enhance an erection. 'John bought a new cock ring and wears it on weekends.' Term came out of the closest in the TV film 'Tales of the City.'
++ penis This is one of the more common synonyms for penis. 'John has a small cock.'
cocksucker (noun)
++ A fellator; any male person. The term is used in a deragatory and insulting way. 'Hey, you goddamn cocksucker, give my condoms back to John.'
come (verb, intransitive)
+ ejaculate sometimes spelled as 'cum'. The verb is irregular - it is conjugated like 'come': "John came this morning."
cornhole (verb, trans.)
+ to have anal intercourse with someone This terms seems to be passing into obscurity: 'John cornholes Bill once a month.'
body lice found in the pubic area Old term. 'Mary found crabs in her pubes.'
crap (noun, mass)
feces Common term, not offensive, but should not be used in parlour room conversation: 'There is crap all over the front yard!'
crap (verb, intrans.)
defecate Like other similar neutral terms, this one should not be used n parlour room conversation: 'John craps twice a day.'
crap (verb, trans.)
defecate Like other similar neutral terms, this one should not be used n parlour room conversation. Its direct object is the goal of location: 'John crapped his pants.'
crapper (noun, count)
restroom, toilet Common term, not offensive, but should not be used in parlour room conversation: 'John is in the crapper.' Mary is sitting on the crapper.' This term became immortalized when the flush toilet was invented by a Mr. Crapper.
cream one's jeans (verb phrase, idiom)
+ to ejaculate in one's underwear (or pants) In addition to its obvious meaning term may also refer to someone getting very excited over something: 'John creamed his jeans when he saw the nude photo of James Dean.' 'John creamed his jeans when he saw Bill's restored '57 Chev.'
++ vagina Considered more offensive than 'fuck' today.
++ woman A very offensive word refering to a woman, stronger than 'bitch.'
curry queen
+ gay male who is attracted to East Indian homosexuals Used humnorously. Considered racist. 'John came back from India a curry queen.'
circumcised seems to be more British than American. See 'clipped.' 
dick (noun, count)
penis shouldn't be used in parlor room conversatin.
diddle (verb, transitive)
have intercourse with unoffenive slang term.
to have intercourse with This verb is used only transitively; it does not have the intransitive use that 'fuck' and 'screw' have: 'John diddled Mary.' '*John and Mary were diddling.'
diesel dyke (compound noun, count)
+ masculine lesbian Term used humorously but considered offensive by lesbians.
dildo (noun, count)
fake penis Also the name of a town in Newfoundland.
male person Detrimental term; implies the person is a loser.
+ shit that dingles from the hairs surrounding one's asshole Not commonly known. Original meanings refers to a species of berry found in the Southeastern part of the U.S.
+ penis Slightly cute form of 'cock, pecker'. 'Mary thinks that John has a funny-looking dink.'
dipshit (noun)
+ any male person. Used as a derogatory term. Probably based on 'dipstick'.
dong (noun)
+ penis Not as common as 'cock' or 'pecker'. This word made history when a chief justice who was being confirmed for the Court was said to be called 'Long Dong Daddy.'
doo-doo (noun, mass)
feces unoffensive term, originally childish. . 'Mary saw the doo-doo on the lawn.'
dork (noun, count)
male person derogatory term.
drag (noun, mass)
dress of the opposite sex. Term originated in gay community, is now widely used in the heterosexual community. 'John like going in drag.' Not to be confused with 'cross dressing', drag tends now to be used as a a humorous term or to the show business. 'Cross dressing' is more general and politically correct.
drag queen (noun, count)
A person who likes to dress up in feminine clothes Term refers to those who do shows or like to be outrageously over dressed. Term immortalized in the movie 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. 'Alice Springs never was the same after the three drag queens left.'
Dutch or Dutch Fuck
+ To fuck someone between the breasts I'd sure like to dutch fuck her.
dyke (noun, count)
+ lesbian Term used amongst lesbians, but considered offensive if used outside of the community. 
eat shit (verb phrase, idiom)
++ A derogatory expression, it has no specific meaning. Used when the speaker it annoyed abo someting: 'John told Mary to eat shit.' 
fag hag (n.)
a female who enjoys the company of gay men. Can be derogatory, as there is a stereotypical image of a fat, unattractive woman who cannot get her own men so she hangs around gay men.
fag stag (noun)
heterosexual male who enjoys the company of homosexual males. Newly coined term.
+ homosexual male abbreviated form of 'faggot'. Slightly less derogatory than faggot.
+ homosexual male used by gays to refer to each other--often humorously; otherwise it is considered derogatory.
homosexual male, especially effeminate literally refers to creatures of legend/myth such as the character 'Puck' in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream"; "He's a fairy."
fart (noun)
+ The gas passed while farting. not very offensive today. 'Did you smell that fart?'
fart (verb, intransitive)
+ to pass wind, flatuate less offensive today than in the past.
fart along (verb, intrans.)
+ to do something very slowly, without conviction Lkke other terms using 'fart', this expression is almost neutral: 'John just farts along writing his thesis.' 'That car in front of us holding up traffic is just farting along.'
fart around (verb, intransitive)
+ to spend time doing innocuous things or nothing at all hardly offensive today.
++ sucking one's own semen from the anus of the most recent anal sex recipient yechhhhh
finger fuck (verb, transitive)
++ to insert one's finger into a vagina or for sexual tittilation.a rectum Term can be used to refer to a rectal digital examination: "John enjoys getting finger-fucked by his physician."
fist fuck (verb, transitive)
++ to insert a clenched fist into a rectum Not necessarily limited to the gay world.
foursome (compound noun)
four people involved in sex together Refers to any combination of gender. This construction is productive, though rare above four.
french kiss (compound n.)
the act of french kissing Common term today. 'John likes the french kisses he gets from Bill and Mary.'
french kiss (compound noun)
to insert tongue into mouth while kissing Common term today. 'John likes to french kiss Bill and Mary.'
french tickler(noun phrase, idiom)
A condom with appendages on the end supposedly to give more sensation to the recipient. 'John screwed Mary with a french tickler.'
fruit (noun, count)
homosexual male term not used much today.
fruit fly
a woman who likes the company of male homosexuals An alternate form of 'fag hag'; used humorously. 'Mary is a fruit fly.'
fuck (noun)
++ (no meaning) Term can be used with the definite article as a pure expletive in sentence initial position: 'What the fuck are you doing, Mary?' 'The fuck you say!' It can also be used with the definite article: 'Like fuck I'm going to date Mary tonight!'
++ the act of fucking' (roughly) Synonymous with 'piece of ass.' 'John had a hot fuck last night.'
fuck (verb, intransitive)
++ have intercourse See fuck (transitive). Here, it must have a conjoined subject: John and Mary are fucking.
fuck (verb, transitive)
++ have intercourse with This word was once considered the most unacceptable word in English. In the last twenty yea
fuck around (verb, intransitive)
++ do nothing imporant or nothing at all. "John's just fucking around today."
++ go away Used an expletive to indicate to indicate mild annoyance: "Well, fuck around!"
fuck around (verb, transitive)
++ To be somehwt dishonest with someone. "John's fucking Mary around all the time."
fuck me harder (sentence, idiom)
++ Expression in response to an unwanted and undesirable action done to the speaker.
fuck off (verb, intransitive)
++ go away Usually used as a command in an uncomplementary sense: "Fuck off, asshole!"
fuck oneself (verb phrase)
++ get lost Outside of the literal meaning which few males can do, this expression has abouat the same meaning as 'get lost'; i.e. go away.: Mary told John to go fuck himself.
fuck up (verb, intransitive)
++ make a mistake See fuck (transitive).
fuck up (verb, transitive)
++ (1) to make a mess out of something, (2) to cause someone to become psychologically unstable. See fuck up (intransitive). (1) "John really fucked his assignment up." (2) "John's parents really fucked him up."
fucked (past tense of fuck), (passive participle)
++ (1) to be psychologically maladjusted, (2) to be a mess (of situations and certain objects) Derived from and generally synonymous with 'fuck up'. "John is really fucked." "John's project is fucked beyond hope."
fucked up (passive participle)
++ (1) to be psychologically maladjusted, (2) to be a mess (of situations and certain objects) See 'fuck up'.
fucker (noun)
++ a male person Derogatory term: 'The little fucker stole 10 bucks.'
++ One who fucks 'John is a squirrely fucker.'
fucking (adjective)
++ (no specific meaning) term is commonly used as an expletive with a pejorative sense: 'John is a fucking asshole.' 
gangbang (compound noun)
a group performing sex on an individual The group usually refers to males. 'John was the victom of a gangbang.'
gangbang (compound verb)
to peform in a gangbang 'John was gangbanged while in jail.'
get it on
have sex 'John got it on with Mary.'
get it up (verb phrase)
+ get an erection rather mild term: 'John got it up when he read Playbunnie.'
get laid (verb phrase, passive)
have intercourse Relatively common term, but not acceptable in polite society. Originally, term probably required a female subject, but either gender may be a subject today: 'John got laid last night.'
get off
ejaculate 'John finally got off when Mary shoved a dildo up his ass.
get (one's) shit together
correct personality deficiency; prepare one's self "I wish Mary would get her shit together and quit letting Bill beat her up whenever he gets drunk;" "The customer expects up at 8am-- be sure you have your shit together."
give a shit
+ to care Usually used with negative particle: 'John doesn't give a shit about Mary.'
glory hole (compound noun)
+ a hole in a partition dividing two toilets I'll leave the function of this hole up to the imagination of the readers. If the reader can't figure it out, he should consult his gay buddies, unless, of course, the reader is homophobic, in which case, presumably, he would have no gay buddies.
a hole in the ground formerly excavated for mining. These glory holes have become overgrown with grass and weeds since they were abandoned and pose a threat to unwary hikers. There is a state park in the Sonora region of California called 'Glory Hole State Park' The name of this park must amuse all of the Bay Area queens who like to cruise around in the foothills.
go down on (verb phrase)
+ perform oral sex This term is not very commonly used today. 'John and Mary went down on each other.'
Gob the knob
+ The act of performing fellatio.
god damn
+ (expletive) Probably the oldest curse in English.Is considered very strong by the religious, though many persons of the collar have been heard to use it. Sometimes it is spelled 'goddam': 'John is a god damn liar.'
golden shower
the act of urinating on another person. Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world..
+ Anal Intercourse Mary likes to have it Greek. 
hard-on (noun)
+ epenile rection Most common of the synonyms for erection. "John woke up with a hard-on."
have (verb, transitive)
to copulate 'John had Mary last night.'
to take unscrupulous advantage of 'John was had by the salesman.'
head (noun)
fellatio To give or receive. Unisex..'Mary asked John if she could give him head'
To vomit Used in 'Wayne's World'.
+ blow job current slang
hung (adjective)
to have a large penis 'Hung' has no comparative or superlative form. 'John is really hung.' '*John is hunger than Bill.' 
jack off (verb, intransitive)
++ masturbate (also transitive). 'John jacked off after Mary went home.'
jack off (verb, transitive)
++ masturbate another person The direct object is a male. 'Mary jacked John off since she wouldn't screw him.'
(N. Amer.) v. to steal [jei] etym. origin probably from the bird "jay", which feeds by sweeping down to the ground and picking up morsels of food in that manner. ex. He jayed my baseball cap!
jerk off (verb, transitive and intransitive)
+ masturbate Used as an alternative to 'jack off' in both senses.
Jesus H. Christ (name)
+ An expletive, considered offensive by the religious. The source of the middle initial is uncertain. 'Jesus H. Christ! You can't be pregnant!'
jizz (noun)
+ sperm Common a generation ago, this term is fading, being replaced with 'come'.
jizzum (noun)
+ sperm Almost obsolete form of 'jizz'.
john (noun)
restroom, room with a toilet (toilets) Very commonly used. 'Mary woke up in the john.'
breasts Mary has got a massive pair of jugs 
knock up (verb, transitive)
impregnate American term. In Britain in means to get someone up by knocking. 'John knocked Mary up last week.'
know (one's) shit
be very competent "When it comes to plumbing, Bill really knows his shit." 
lace curtains
watercloset, restroom, toilet British term: 'John has gone to the loo.'
loose (adjective)
+ sexually permiscuous Origannly said of women, but could be said of men: 'John and Mary are both very loose'
lop cock (compound noun)
+ Circumcised penis This term not currently in use. It seems to have been used in the 30's and 40's.
love juice
seman Not commonly used: 'John squirted his love juice all over Mary.'
lucky Pierre (compound noun)
the middle male in a threesome Implies John is fucking on person while getting fucked by another. Used in the gay world, but could be used in menage a trois with two men and one woman. 
meat (noun, mass)
+ penis Unlike 'cock', this noun can not be counted: *'John has a big meat.' but: 'John has a big piece of meat.'
meatrack (noun, def.)
butch men in a row Term refers to butch or hunky men lined up at a bar or at tables along the wall in a bar or some gay establishment. The men are obviously waiting to be picked up. Term could be used by women in search of hetersexual guys.
mother fucker(compound noun)
++ A very gross person This term could be the most offenseive exptressed in the language. Ir shows intense anger of the speaker. In certain dialects it has been shortened to 'mohter', but with still the same intensity in meaning. 'mohter' has become so bad, that now spekaers of such dialects do one refer to eir mothers as 'mother; but use a different term such as 'mama, ma, mom': 'John is a real mother fucker.
mother fucking (adjective)
++ (an expletive) Derived form 'mother fucker,' it is as offensive as 'motherfucker.'
muff diver
+ one who performs oral sex on a woman 'John thinks that muff divers are repulsive.' 
effeminate refers to males, usually gay though not necessarily: 'John is a bit nellie.'
nookey (noun)
+ sex Spelling uncertain. Seems to be etymologically related to the Dutch word 'neuken (to fuck).' 'John's going out to look for a little nookey tonight.'
dorky, very annoying person "My college roommate is a noonan." Derived from an ND freshman with the roommie from hell, Allison.
+ testicle Alternate form of 'ball'. 'John has small nuts.' 
oh shit! (expletive)
+ Expression used when an unexpected or undesirable event has occurred or is about to occur: 'Oh shit! Now I'll never get that paper done.' 'Oh shit! We're gonna crash!'
old fart (noun)
+ An older male person. Usually used humorously, though could be considered offensive.
one's tits in a knot
+ be upset used as a complement of 'get', 'have', 'keep, etc.: 'John got his tits in a know and he kept them there.'
one's tits on (prepositional phrase, a small clause; idiom).
+ be patient used as a complement of 'keep, etc.: 'John kept his tits on.' 
pain in the ass (noun phrase)
+ nuisance Common expression in the heterosexual community: 'John is a fucking pain in the ass.'
pearl necklace (compound noun)
+ sperm surrounding one's neck after ejaculation This term comes from the straight community. 'Mary is not fond of pearl necklaces.'
+ penis almost as common as 'cock'
pee (verb, intransitive)
urinate Used fairly commonly today, Acceptable on American television. It has transitive function similar to 'piss'.
penis Childish term. 'Johnny's pee-pee hurts.'
period (noum)
menstral period standard colloquial term, not parlour room term: 'Mary started her period last night.'
menstrual period standard colloquial term, not parlour room term: 'Mary started her period yesterday.'
piece of ass (nounphrase, idiom)
+ a fuck used as a complement of 'get', have': "John got a piece of ass last night.'
piss (verb, intransitive)
+ urinate
piss (verb, transitive)
+ urinate in one's clothing E.g. "John pissed his pants." Usually has unintentional reading.
piss off (complex noun)
+ thing or person that causes one to be angry. Derived from the complex verb 'piss off': 'Mary finds John to be quite a piss off.'
piss off (verb, transitive)
+ make angry E.g. "John pissed Mary off."
piss up a storm (verb, semi-idiom)
+ urinate for a relative long time E.g. "John pissed up a storm." It means that John pissed and pissed and pissed.
pissed (predicate adjective)
angry derived from 'pissed off': 'John was pissed after they threw him out of the bar.'
drunk derived from 'pissed off': 'John got pissed at the bars last night.'
pissed to the gills (adjective phrase)
+ very inebriated One of many expressions for inebriation. 'John got pissed to the Gills at the White Swallow.'
+ very inebriated One of many expressions for inebriation.
plow (verb)
aggressive insertive intercourse The passive partner can "get plowed" or "be plowed." Albee's _Virginia Woolf_ used plow in the active sense, when Nick promised to "plow a few pertinent wives."
poop (noun, mass)
feces reltaively unoffensive. 'John found dog poop on his floor.'
poopshoot (noun, count)
+ rectal canaal Not commonly used today: 'John's got bugs up his poopshoot.'
crazy, psychotic derived from deranged postal workers who shoot people and then commit suicide "John went totally postal on me today."
prick (noun, count)
penis Just another word for it: 'Mary like's John's big prick.'
pubic hair or pubic area Recent derivation: 'John found crabs in his pubes.'
pull one's pud
+ masturbate As far as it is known, 'pud' only occurs in this idiom. 'John was pulling his pud.'
+ vagina also refers to a cat, but not a woman. There is some variation whether 'pussy' refers to any cat or a female cat. 
gay male who is dominant and rather effeminate This term is used on construction with many other terms.
Queer (KWEER)
++ 1)A Catchall word for someone who is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, or a straight "friend." 2)Political slant, angry. "John is a Queer Activist."
+ homosexual male Once considered very derogatory, it is being used more and more in the gay community.
+ vagina less offensive term than cunt 
Rainbow Kiss
when a menstruating female engages in reciprocal oral sex with a man ("69ing") and mixes his semen with her vaginal secretions and blood during a passionate kiss after orgasming in eachother's mouths. For more information on a Rainbow Kiss call 1-800-***-**** M-Th 10pm-12am EST. Ask for Dr. Judy.
red tide (noun phrase, idiom)
+ menstral period 'red' obviously refers to 'blood': 'Mary's red tide turns John off.'
rice queen
+ gay male who is attracted to Asian homosexuals Used humnorously. Considered racist.
riding the porcelain bus
throwing up in the toilet Australian slang. "John got drunk and spent the whole night riding the porcelain bus."
rim (v.t.)
++ to lick someone's anus 'Mary rimmed John's asshole.'
rim job (n.)
++ the act of 'rimming'--licking someone's anus 
indulgence in feces Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world..
screw (noun)
+ fuck (noun) Synonymous with 'piece of ass.' 'John had a hot screw last night.'
screw (verb, transitive and intransitive)
+ fuck Can be used as a replacement for most functions of 'fuck': screw up, screw around, screw off. 'Screwing' does not exist as an expletive, parallel to 'fucking'. It does exist as a gerun and a participle: 'John is screwing Mary.' 'John thinks screwing Mary is fun.'
screw (verb, transitive)
to take unscrupulous advantage of 'The used car salesman screwed John again.'
shit (noun)
+ feces Very commonly used today. In addition to its literal reference, it has many, many subreferents. It is often used as a expletive comment: 'Oh shit!'
shit (noun, count)
+ a person Used dentrimentally: 'John is being a shit today.'
shit (verb, intransitive)
defecate Verb not used as much as noun.
shit (verb, trans.)
+ to lie to someone Perhaps not as strong as the verb 'to lie': 'John is always shitting Mary.'
defecate in ones clothes E.g.: John shit his pants. Sentences of this sort have in addition to the literal meaning, the meaning to be very astonished: "John shit his pants when Mary told him she was knocked up."
shit on a shingle (nounphrase)
chipped beef on toast US army term popularized during World War II.
shit out of luck (preposition phrase?, idiom)
+ really out of luck 'John was shit out of luck after he failed his course for the third time.'
shitfaced (adjective)
+ very intoxicated 'John and Mary really got shitfaced down at the bar last night.'
shitfit (compound noun)
+ any kind of a small fit 'John had a shitfit when Mary dumped him for Bill.'
shithead (compound noun)
+ a person Used detrimentally only. 'John is a real shithead.'
+ outhouse 'John knocked the shithouse over while Mary was using it.'
shitlist (compound noun)
+ a hypothetical list of person whom one is angry at Used in the following ways: 'Mary is on John's shitlist.' (John is angry at Mary) 'John's shitlist gets longer.' (The number of people John is angry at grows)
shits (noun, plural definite)
+ any displeasurable situation Always used with the definite article: 'The weather is the shits today.'
diarrhea Always used with the definite article: 'John as the shits.'
shoot one's load (verb phrase, idiom)
ejaculate Not a parlour room term: 'John shot his load when he saw the nude photo of James Dean.'
+ an effeminate male, a homosexual male The second reading is often used humorously by gays: "We're going to a sissy bar."
platonic gay buddy of another gay Term not used by 'masculine' gays today: 'John and Bill are sisters.'
sixty-nine (compound noun)
+ perform oral sex This term tends to be used humorously. 'John and Bill performed 69 on each other.'
sixty-nine (compound verb)
+ perform oral sex This term derived from the noun. 'John and Bill sixty-nined each other.'
+ abusive word for a woman,impling that she is cheap,ugly and sexually active. uk word.
slut (noun, count)
+ a loose and morally questionable woman Not as bad as 'cunt': 'John thinks that Mary is a slut'
+ vagina less offensive term than cunt
son of a bitch (noun phrase)
+ a despicable person very common term, less offenssive today than a generation ago: 'Mary thinks that John is one son of a bitch.'
homosexual One of several euphimisms for gay: 'John is swedish, you know.'
sweet f.a.
fuck all nothing, eg. sweet f.a to do today 
take a crap (verb, idiom)
+ defecate Synonymous with 'take a shit.' 'John took a crap.' 'John took a crap in his pants.' It has an intentional reading, similar to 'take a shit'. This term is more acceptable than 'take a shit.'
take a dump (ver phrase, idiomatic)
defecate Very non-standard colloquial term: 'John took a big dump last night.'
take a piss (verb, semi-idiom)
+ urinate E.g. "John took a piss." Usually has intentional meaning; c.f. "John took a piss in his pants."
take a shit (verb, idiom)
+ defecate Synonymous with shit (intransitive) "John took a shit." Note that "John took a shit in his pants" has an intentional reading, whereas "John shit his pants," usually has an unintentional reading.
Tea Room
a washroom where sex takes place (usually in the gay culture)
the dogs bollocks
+ excellent Probably from London, and interesting because is the only phrase where "bollocks" is used in a positive way, name of a pint of beer made by the Hobgoblin pubs.
The shit hit the fan. (idiomatic verb phrase)
+ undesirable consequences occur as the result to something. The verb here is fully inflected and can be modified: 'The shit really hit the fan when Mary told John she was knocked up.' 'The shit always hits the fan when John calls Mary a dyke.'
threesome (compound noun)
three people involved in sex together Refers to any combination of gender.
urinating (of females) This term is usually avoided by females. Can be used to refer gays urinating, in a humorous sense.
+ breast Usually refers to female breast, but may refer to male nipple area especially if chest is not flat.
breast Childish term for 'tit'. Only has female reference.
+ someone who one does not like. used in context 'John's a tosser' John is annoying
trick (noun, count)
a hooker's client 'Mary had three tricks last night.'
homosexual pickup 'John picked up three tricks last night.'
trick (verb, intrans.)
to have sex with a pick-up 'John tricked with three guys last night.'
tubs, the (noun, plural)
gay steam bath Used humorously. 'John wen to the tubs last night.'
turd (noun, count)
shit Not totally acceptable, but certainly more so than 'shit': 'John found two cat turds on the floor.'
+ vagina less offensive term than cunt 
up shit creek (prepositional phrase, idiom)
+ masturbate to be in a bad situation with no obvious solution. "John is really up shit creek now.'
+ out of luck 'John was up shit creek when his computer crashed the night before his paper was due.'
up yours (prepositional phrase, idiom)
++ A deterimental term derived from 'up your ass'. 
+ you are an arsehole, an english word also to mean somebody who masterbates frequently
water sports
urination as a turn on Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world..
penis children's term: 'Don't look at my wee-wee!'
whack off (v. i.)
+ synonym to 'jerk/jack/beat' off
white swallow (compound noun)
+ semen Expression not very well known outside of San Francisco. A bar there originally had this name, but it was forced to drop 'white'. Its logo was a white swallow (bird). 'John thinks a little white swallow never hurt anyone.'
tantrum "he's having a willie"
+ Having an erection used quite often around males
(N. Amer.) n. sissy, wimp [wUs] etym. combination of the words "wimp" and "pussy" ex. "I was a teenage wuss", "What a wuss!"