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Checking on your article

  1. Paper status [need manuscript number and first authors's last name]
  2. after Paper moves to AIP production [need editor's number -- manuscript number with two character code suffix -- plus first authors's last name]
  3. Copy Right Transfer Form (pdf)

APS journal info

  1. PACS Numbers   (genral, search, historical)
  2. Paper status [need manuscript number]
  3. Out of date statistics: Acceptance rate of APS journals
  4. Unavailable statistics Physical Review statistics, Physical Review B statistics
  5. RMP: checklist for writing articles
  6. PRB Task Force Report [700 KB]

APS stuff

  1. APS Home Page
  2. APS Contact Information
  3. APS members, [directory, F=ma]
  4. APS NEWS, [apsnews,F=ma]

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