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National Science Foundation Links

  1. NSF Fastlane[need proposal no. and PIN no. (last four digits SSN)], see FAQ.
    NSF prograts that require Grants.gov submission in FY06
  2. MyNSF Page under wilkins@mps.ohio-state.edu
  3. NSF Home Page
  4. NSF Staff directory 703-292-5111
  5. NSF Proposal Guide
    Text Version 2000 Guide (pdf) [local version]
  6. Division of Math and Physical Sciences -- NSF
  7. Public Information
  8. Statistics: Div of Science Resource Studies
  9. Data Briefs and Reports
  10. Survey Descriptions
  11. Online Databases
  12. Industrial Research & Development Information System
  13. Science & Engineering Indicators
  14. Federal funds for Reserch and Development
  15. Current Academic Employment Market, please notify me if this page is out of date.

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