Brief History of Ohio State University

Summary List of Presidents

  1. 1874 Edward Orton, first pres. of Ohio A&M College
  2. 1881 Walter Quincy Scott, following Orton's retirement
  3. 1883 William Henry Scott, when 2nd pres. not reappointed
  4. 1895 James H Canfield, former U Nebraska chancellor.
  5. 1899 William Oxley Thompson.
  6. 1926 George Washington Rightmire.
  7. 1940 Howard Landis Bevis.
  8. 1956 Novis G Fawcett, former superintendent of Cols Public Schools
  9. 1972 Harold Enarson, former pres. Cleveland Stat U
  10. 1981 Edward H Jennings, former pres. U Wyoming
  11. 1990 E Gordon Gee, former pres. U of Colorado
  12. 1998 William E Kirwan, former pres. U of Maryland
  13. 2002 ...
  14. 2007 E Gordon Gee, formerly at Vanderbilt and Brown, prior to OSU.

Summary History

     1862 Lincoln signs Morrill Act providing for land-grant colleges
     1870 Cannon Act (Ohio leg.) provides for creation of Ohio A&M College
     1870 Board of Trustees first meeting; buys first land (Neil Farm)
     1871 Board of Trustees approves first curriculum
     1873 Board of Trustees broadens curriculum outside A&M
     1873 Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College first class (25)

1874 Edward Orton, first pres. of Ohio A&M College

     1876 Open admission of all HS graduates resolved by faculty
	    desperate for students; see 1987.
     1878 name changes to The Ohio State University
     1878 first class of 6 graduates on June 19; 1879 first woman BS

1881 Walter Quincy Scott, 2nd pres. following Orton's retirement

     1882 Ohio assembly votes to form agricultural experiment station.

1883 William Henry Scott, 3rd pres. when 2nd pres. not reappointed

     1886 first woman MA at OSU. 
     1890 first Doctor of Science at OSU.
     1891 Ohio assembly passes first annual levy for OSU.
     1891 School of Law est'd by Trustees.

1895 James H Canfield, 4th pres.; former U Nebraska chancellor.

     1896 Six colleges formed: Agriculture, Arts, Philosophy and 
	    Sciences (1927 -> C of Liberal Arts), Engineering, 
	    Law, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine.
     1896 Department of Domestic Economy begins -> 1929 School 
            of Home Economics.
     1896 first foreign student receives BA at OSU
     1902 Graduate School of Agriculture begins.

1899 William Oxley Thompson, 5th pres.

     1905 Physics building completed; 1925 renamed for Mendenhall (first
	    prof of physics); 1949 physics moves to new Smith Lab.
     1907 College of Education formed.
     1911(?) Graduate School starts.
     1913 main library opens
     1914 Starling-Ohio medical college joins OSU as its  
            college of medicine
     1914 School of Dentistry starts.
     1914 U Homeopathic Hospital Training School for Nurses; 
            1928 School of Nursing.
     1916 Trustees approve plan for College of Business Administration;
	    later known as College of Commerce and Journalism
     1917 Department of Agricultural Education est'd.
     1922 quarter plan starts; voted by faculty in 1918.
     1927 School of Journalism cut out leaving College of Commerce (?)

1926 George Washington Rightmire, 6th pres.

     1927 School of Journalism cut out leaving College of Commerce (?)
     1928 School of Nursing name change (see 1914).
     1929 School of Home Economics formed from Department of 
            Domestic Economy.
     1931 School of Social Work starts.
     1936 OSURF  (OSU Research Foundation) est'd to overcome
	     limitation of U regulation with respect to external funding.
     1937 School of Optometry starts.

1940 Howard Landis Bevis, 7th pres.

    1942 Indefinite term for department chairs -> four year terms.
    1944 School of Fine & Applied Arts; 1962 School of Art.
    1948 School of Music.
    1948 U business manager becomes vice president.
    1950 School of Architecture and Landscape Design; 1960 joins
	   College of Engineering as School of Architecture.

1956 Novis G Fawcett, 8th pres.; former superintendent of Cols Public Schools

     1957 first regional campus at Marion and Newark; 1958 Mansfield; 
            1960 Lima
     1965 CAA (Council on Academic Affairs) est'd from Council for 
     1966 Board of Regents (9 members) established by Ohio assembly.
     1966 Provost title added to vice president for Academic Affairs.
     1966 Trustees create separate College of Biological Sciences.
     1966 School of Allied Medical Professions.
     1966 University College is established
     1967 Lincoln and Morrill towers open to universal derision
     1968 College of Arts & Sciences splits into Colleges of The Arts,
	    Biological Sciences, Humanities, Mathematical & 
	    Physical Sciences, Social & Behaviorial Sciences
	    (including School of Journalism).
     1967 Lincoln and Morrill towers open to universal derision
     1968 Trustees establishes School of Natural Resources. 
     1968 Dept of Computer & Information Sciences formed.
     1968 College of Optometry. 
     1969 black studies division approved for college of humanities
     1970 office of affirmative action established

1972 Harold Enarson, 9th pres.; former pres. Cleveland Stat U

     1972 Faculty cedes powers to U Senate of student, staff, faculty
     1972 Department of  Black Studies stated.
     1975 office of women's studies starts; 1980 center; 1996 dept.
     1978 Kathryn T Schoen first women vice president
     1979 medical practice plans redirects some OSU fac. income to OSU

1981 Edward H Jennings, 10th pres.; former pres. U Wyoming

     1984 honors program established
     1984 first U Campaign begins, raising $460 M by 1990
     1987 selective admissions begin
     1988 GEC (general education curriculum) approved.  Unintended
	    effect is increase by 1-2 quarters in time to graduate.
     1989 Wexner center opens

1990 E Gordon Gee, 11th pres.; former pres. U of Colorado

     1993 science and engineering library opens
     1994 restructuring of university begins; mainly reduction from 
            120 departments to less than 100 over two years.
     1995 second U Campaign begins, aims for $850 M in 2000; see below
     1998 Goes to Brown presidency
     2000 Gee goes to Vanderbilt presidency; See also  aftermath story.

1998 William E (Brit) Kirwan, 12th pres.; former pres. U of Maryland

     1999 upper administration reorganized: decreasing those reporting 
            to president, increasing those to provost.
     2000 Second U Campaign actually raise 1.23 B.
          Left just as budget restructuring was starting

2002 , 13th pres.

      .... no third U Campaign for endowment
      2002 Budget restructing started without rebasing college budgets
             as promised, yielding fully anticipatable growth and decay.
      2007 Illusory reform curriculum "allows" graduation in 4 years with
             no substantive curriculum reform.

2007 E Gordon Gee, 14th pres.
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