Medium Paper History: Spring 2012

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  rules for titles and abstract

date topic        10am Tuesday 10 April	
date draft TSO    8am Wednesday 18 April
date revised TSO  8am Wednesday 25 April
date draft        10am Monday  30 April  ref forms in prb2196 by 4pm
date referee rpts 4 pm Wednesday 2 May
date final draft  4pm  Wednesday 9 May

Talk meetings     W 3 May-Th 10 May    in jww office
     oral talk F 19 May, M 21 May, W 23 May, W-F 30May-1June 17-19 May
                in class evaluation

kyle    k
   11Apr  em wave modulation (still needs refinement)
   12Apr  stretching: biomechanics (thm still needed)
   17Apr  biophysics of repetitive strain injuries (tentative)
   18apr  draft TSO
   30aor 5:00 draft medium paper
    9may  5:37 final medium paper

michael m
   21apr 17:52 delays lettere
   24apr       draft tso
   30Apr 12:25 draft medium paper
   10May 21.37 final medius  (day late)

josh(ua) j
  11Apr  assessing success of radio- and chemo-theraphy for throat cancer
  24Apr  medium tso
  20Apr 1:44 draft medium paper
  11May 12:11f final medium (1 and 3/4 days late)

elizabeth e
  11Apr  evuatating big bang theories with 
  12Apr  chemical compositions of old stars test theories of element
           formation during the Big Bang
                        distance distribution of metal-poor-stars
  18Apr  draft medium TSO
  30Apr  12:54 draft medium paper
   9May  19:19 final medium  19:19 (basically on time)


adam a
  23Apr 14:20 draft medium TSO

ben(jamin) b
  10Apr  evidence that last quarter seniors don't get enuf sleep :)
  12Apr  In the absence of artificial light, humans naturally sleep 
		in segments.
  15apr  06:54  draft medium TSO
  18Apr  12:34  draft alt medium TSO
  24Apr  07:12  revised draft medium TSO
  30Apr  draft  medium paper to Trisch; figure unprintable. 
  11may   7:19  medium final (on time by prior agreement).