Picking Topic for short talk/paper

Schedule for short topic: picking, talk and paper

Picking the Topic of Short Talk/Paper

What makes a topic work best?

  1. Tells how something work -- not that it should.
  2. Illustrate a take-home-message: for example, a concept of science

Technical elements of short topic.

Getting Topic Accepted

  1. You must write the topic down, preferably with the take-home message. For me, a hard copy works best. But you can email Tom Barrett and my secretary Trisch Longbrake. (My email should be in plain text or html). Tom and I give an initial response usually requiring revision. I don't read my email frequently.
  2. For actual approval, you must get a printed topic accepted by Tom or me in person.
  3. We will add your topic to the list of accepted topics ("Short paper history") so no one else will use the same one.


The suggestions in FYI in new in spring break are only that.

You are the source of the specific topic. For example, you may have had a job or worked with a research group. Some element in that work may provide a short topic.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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