How do you get to Carnegie Hall? (joke)

Preparation Process

Get more facts and figures than you need.
[If you don't know how to do targeted search, schedule appointment with Wilkins, bringing with you current problems.]

Check every fact not from impeccable source.
What can be "pecked" at?
  blogs and worse webpages;
  govt statements (not statistical data).
  "News" only one source has (nexis/lexis).

Revise topic sentence outline;
one TS ≥ one talk minute.
Will logic flow: be clear to others?

Draft figures. Data ones must have
  Horizontal axes labels;
  Large type for axes, curve labels, caption. (17+ pt);
  Thick lines easily seen in back row;
  No more than three curves; better two;
  Clear reason: ∴ caption ⇒ point of figure.

Draft slides.
For each: one (or 2) pixs, TS as title and conclusion.
   Revise sentences to fit on single line.
   Known (character) subject drives to new material.
   E.g., Historically slow battery development dooms electric car.
   But kill adjectives and adverbs.
   “Battery development inches electric car into extinction.”

Revision process

Practice talk: Did you.
   hesitate between slides;
   add material not on slides;
   have nothing to say about figure;
   read from the slides.
   apprehend missing fact/argument?

Revise the talk to remove/fix flaws
   Do you need to check facts?
   Do you need additional material?

Practice talk again (w. audience). Did you
   lose audience?
   lose your way?
   stumble over missing materal?
   skip over a slide?
   keep returning to a slide?

   Cut and Clarify to gain Coherence.
   Keep sentence strong: subject (known materal);
     verb: strong & present tense; object: new material.
   Stress at end of sentence.

Practice talk until
  Enunciate every word;
  Put stresses at ends of sentences.
  Move smoothly betw slides.
  Nail every point, esp. TSs and Takeaway.
  Enhance figures, pointing at crucial features.
  Be vigorous and enthusiastic.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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