Short Paper History: Spring 2012

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  rules for titles and abstract

date topic        4pm@ Tuesday 27 March	
date draft TSO    8am@ Friday  30 March 	 (PLAIN TEXT)
date revised TSO  8 am Tuesday  3 April
date draft        8 am#  Friday 8 April (use .doc) ref forms in class
date referee rpts 4 pm Monday 9 April	[note Tuesday: medium topic due, talks starts]
date final draft  2 pm Monday 16 April

Talk meetings     Monday April 9-Friday Apr 13  in jww office
     oral talk Tu-Th 17-19 Apr two a day, will hand in course evaluation

kyle    k
  27mar  afternoon phone: effective, longlived wind turbines blades
  20mar  4:18  TSO
  06apr  3:38  short draft
  16apr 17:29   final draft

michael m
  27mar  lateafternoon exoplanet kepler 22-b  (+ill-formatted html)
  30mar 5:10am  TSo
  06apr 8:16am  rev-tso
  06apr 8:16am  short draft 
  16apr 17:45   final draft

josh(ua) j
  27mar  15:32  "The Physics of Fracking and the Unknown Effects"
              (+ill-formatted 95-lines html)
  30mar  15:08 TSO
  06ap   06:06  short draft
  17apr  23:34  final draft

elizabeth e
  27mar  19:45  
     (jww revised)  (ill-formatted html)
   Common supernova's known brightness nails distance of a galaxy.
 01ap 12:53 TSO 
 06apr 2:32 shortdraft
  16apr  final draft deliver to 4196

adam a

 27mar  19:05  (ill-formatted html e.g., )
        In HS,  small group learning is more effective than what 

ben(jamin) b
 27mar   Cost, color, lifetime comparison of LED/CFL vs incandescent.
 29mar new topic:  failure of current machine translation
 30mar 6:44 TSO

 04apr 12:17 revised tso  (earlier version sent 03apr 21:08)
 16apr 10:28 final draft