Talks for Spring 2009

Short Talks

W 15 April

√ Jacob Mayer      Physics says you can't ice skate
Eric Suchyta     Nanonites aid developing new antibiotics

Th 16 April
Zachary Rudd     Creatine: the legal supplement to strength and endurance
√ Maxwell Ream     Improving Your "mileage" on a bicycle

F  17 April
Samuel Shaw      Carrying all the info there is
Shannon Friebel  Endless power in the wilderness

Other speakers: voluntee or be chosen by 6pm Monday

Lloyd Corwin     Stained glass is eternal

Stephen Grossi   Nanotechology bright future (in medicine,...)

Chris Johnson    Solar wind tower -- a major power source 

Justin McLaughlin

Alexander Pauli  The skaterboarder as physicist -- 360 flip

Stephen Poorman  Finding new planets

Philip Riegler   Safe major construction in tight spaces

Rashad Simon     Mirror neurons aids our social skills

Brian Stallter

Whitney Wyatt    Bridge under troubling walkers

Medium Talks

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