AR Overview

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is interactive computer-generated experience that is overlaid on the real-world. AR experiences can include sound, haptics, visuals, and more.

What is Web-Based AR?

When creating AR, people often turn to places like Unity to create applications that can be downloaded to the phone. With web-based AR, files live on a webserver. Instead of downloading an application to view the AR experience, users only need a link.

Glitch and GitHub are two main webservers that work great when developing web-based AR.

Picking the Right Platform

When developing AR for a mobile device, there are many factors to consider. One factor is what platform to utilize when creating the experience. There are a few different options, Sketchfab, Model Viewer, Adobe Aero, and A-Frame.

Chosing a Device

Another thing to consider is what type of device is being used to view the AR experience. This can be older versus newer phones as well as iPhone versus Android.

With newer phones, there are capabilites, like occlusion. This means that if you have a virtual object sitting on a floor in space, your camera has the ability for real-world objects or people to step in front of the digital object.