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The AGN Watch is a consortium of astronomers who have studied the inner structure of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) through continuum and emission-line variability. As a group, we have carried out large-scale multiwavelength monitoring programs using both space-based and ground-based facilities.

At the present time, the AGN Watch has completed all of its projects and is now inactive.

AGN Watch data are intended to be available to anyone who is interested in studying AGN variability. At the present time, nearly all our published light curves and spectra (from IUE, HST, and ground-based telescopes) are available to download from this site.

NOTE: If your screen fills up with characters when you are trying to download a file, try again, holding the "shift" key down while you click on the highlighted region.


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[AGN Watch Data] (light curves and spectra) 15 August 2003. Revised version of 13-year optical continuum light curve (18 observations from 1993 were missing from the original. Thanks to Charles Kuehn for calling this to our attention.
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