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The Snow Lab through the Years

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Allison Snow, Mutegi Evans, Zachary Beres, Hsiaochi (Chi) Chang, Destiny Palik, Jordan Williams, Xiao Yang (Peter)

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Front: Shannon Zaret, Patty Sweeney, Allison Snow
Back: Mutegi Evans, Jenalle Eck, Destiny Palik, Hsiaochi (Chi) Chang, Amy Campbell


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Jenalle Eck, Patty Sweeney, Allison Snow, Amy Campbell, Asfaw Ageru, Hsiaochi (Chi) Chang


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Patty Sweeney, Amy Campbell, Smantha Primer, Negist Ketema, Allison Snow, Hsiaochi (Chi) Chang


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Patty Sweeney, Amy Campbell, Jinguo Gao, Allison Snow, Kristin Mercer

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Su Su, Mike Reagon (holding David), Patty Sweeney, Yifru Teklu,  Lesley Campbell, Karl Toth, Chris Foster, Allison Snow, Holly Eisel 


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Mike Reagon, Patty Sweeney, Dave Yang, Lesley Campbell, Yan Jin, Su Su, Trinh Thi Luy, Allison Snow 


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(standing, l to r):  Lawrence Spencer, Sarena Selbo, Amy Faivre, Mike Reagon, (seated, l to r):  Scott Gifford, Allison Snow, Lesley Campbell

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Lawrence Spencer, Allison Snow, Pedro Moran-Palma, Kristen Uthus, Matt Cochrane, Carolee Franklin, Theresa Culley

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Last Updated:  October 19, 2010