Sebastian A. Kurtek

Associate Professor

Department of Statistics

The Ohio State University

Contact Information:

Office: CH 440H

Telephone #: (614) 292-0463


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This picture was taken during a trip to Castle Neuschwanstein (in the background) at the IPMI 2011 conference.

Background: I received a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the Department of Statistics at Florida State University in 2012. I received my M.S. in Biostatistics from the the same department in 2009 and my B.S. in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics at Tulane University in 2007.

Research Interests: My research focuses on two main areas. First, I am developing statistical models for registration and subsequent analysis of functional and shape data. I am also interested in developing novel visualization strategies for such complex datasets. Second, I am developing novel statistical techniques based on Riemannian geometric principles. In all of my work, I am especially interested in biomedical applications including neuroimaging, as well as biology, biometrics, computer vision and graphics.

Current Research Funding: NSF DMS-1613054 (2016-2019), NSF CCF-1740761 (2017-2020), NIH R37-CA214955 (2017-2022), NSF CCF-1839252 (2018-2021) and NSF CCF-1839356 (2018-2021)