Sebastian A. Kurtek

Associate Professor

Department of Statistics

The Ohio State University


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Office: CH 440B
Telephone #: (614) 292-0463

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CBMS Conference on Elastic Functional and Shape Data Analysis (EFSDA) Materials

Functional and shape data analysis is important in many applications including medicine: disease detection and monitoring using shapes of anatomical structures or biosignals; biology: shape-based species classification; graphics: deformation and summarization of highly-articulated objects; biometrics: shape analysis of the human body or face; etc.

Conference Introduction

Matlab Code:

We request the authors to cite relevant publications if any results based on these programs are included in their papers.
Most of this software is written in Matlab that uses mex files (C/C++ files available as functions in Matlab after compilation using the mex command).

Caution: This software is provided as-is without any technical support from the authors. Please refer to the relevant papers listed with the software for technical details. These programs have been tested on standard datasets and have worked in most situations but there is no guarantee that they will work in all situations. The authors may not be able to answer any question or help in debugging any usage of these programs.

1. Alignment of functional data:

Downloadable Folder (see ReadMe file inside for usage details)

2. Elastic geodesics, means, covariances for planar closed curves:

Downloadable Folder (see ReadMe file inside for usage details)

3. Elastic geodesics, means, covariances for open 3D curves

4. Visualization of different sources of variability in elastic functional data:

Downloadable Folder (see readme file inside for usage details)


Lecture 1                    Prof. Anuj Srivastava
Lecture 2                    Prof. Anuj Srivastava
Lecture 3                    Prof. Anuj Srivastava
Lecture 4                    Prof. Eric Klassen
Lecture 5                    Prof. Anuj Srivastava
Lecture 6, Part 1        Prof. Anuj Srivastava
Lecture 6, Part 2        Prof. Karthik Bharath
Lecture 7, Part 1        Prof. Anuj Srivastava
Lecture 7, Part 2        Prof. Eric Klassen
Lecture 8                    Prof. Laurent Younes
Lecture 9                    Prof. Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani
Lecture 10, Part 1      Prof. Zhengwu Zhang
Lecture 10, Part 2      Prof. Sebastian Kurtek

Reading Materials:


1. A. Srivastava and E.P. Klassen (2016), Functional and Shape Data Analysis, Springer.

2. I.H. Jermyn, S. Kurtek, H. Laga, A. Srivastava (2017), Elastic Shape Analysis of Three-Dimensional Objects, Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

Important Papers:

Elastic functional data analysis:

Elastic shape analysis of curves:

Elastic shape analysis of surfaces:

Analysis of trajectories on manifolds:

*Multiple other papers can be found on Prof. Srivastava's webpage.