Matthew Lewis, Artworks

"Wove", 3D printed sculpture, 2016

(collaboration with Peter Chan)

Interactive Video Installation, from Torrence 6-36-86 (2016)

(collaboration with Rashana Perks Smith)

"Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced", Animations, 2009

(collaboration with Maria Palazzi, Norah Zuniga Shaw, William Forsythe and many many others)

"Gesture Map", 3D printed sculpture, 2009

"Labanotation Floor Plan Generator", 2008

"Interactive Textscape Sketches", 2006-2007

"Interactive Processing Sketches", 2006

"String Drawings", Interactive sketches, 2005

(collaboration with Norah Zuniga Shaw)

"Art's Birthday", Interactive/networked video installation, 2004

(collaboration with Daniel Jolliffe)

"Lethe", Real-time interactive video installation, 2003

"Wander", Web3D virtual environment, 2003

"Memory Lattice", Video Installation, 2003

"Metal Population", Digital image, 2001

"Scrutable", Digital print, 2001

"Red Image Population", Digital print, 2001

"Fish Gallery", Game Engine-based Virtual Environment, 1999

"Evolved Population", Digital image, 1999

"sketch", Digital print, 1998

"Conversation and Other Noises at Global Zero", Web-based Virtual Environment, 1998

"Burn", Animation, 1997

"Abulafia Gallery", Web-based Virtual Environment, 1995