"Lethe", Real-time interactive video installation, 2003

A stream of personal snapshots dredged from thousands flows steadily beneath the surface, partially exposed by the agitations of observers. Few of these latent recollections are visible unless an effort is made to raise them. However, the abstract patterns resulting from interaction rapidly draws viewers' focus. As if drinking from the mythical river, desire to recall the past is fast forgotten.

Stored memories and live video continuously mix in dissipating feedback. Visual results emerge in a combination of the artist's memories, the present moment, the recent past, and ultimately the observer's mental state via the translation of intentionality to imagery.

This project is one of several resulting from the exploration of a new breed of real-time data processing software which allows complex control of information flow and media translation. Sound, movement, image, and touch can be freely exchanged via input or output, allowing interfaces which augment and permeate physical spaces. A graduate technology seminar focussing on these topics as applied to Dance, Theater, Art, and Design will be taught at ACCAD Spring 2004.

Installation in Sullivant Gallery, May 29-31, 2003