Visual Performance and Installation Technologies

Wed/Fri 11:10-12:30
ACCAD 4101/7101
Sullivant Hall
room 349A
03 credits
Spring 2017

Matthew Lewis

In this project-based class, students are exposed to making computer mediated performance and installation systems, focusing on real-time video processing, 3D graphics, and environmental sensing.

There is a long-standing interest from an increasing number of disciplines in migrating interactive computer graphics away from traditional keyboard/monitor/mouse interaction and out into the broader environment. Applications commonly obtain data from disparate media sources (e.g., sound, video, network datafeeds, sensors), process this data in real-time, and ultimately (re)present information in different forms. Movement becomes color, video controls sound, and light drives motion.

This course will expose students to current emerging flexible technologies that enable the creation of complex data remappings without requiring traditional in-depth software programming. They will learn underlying concepts relevant to the representation and translation of data to and from digital and analog forms. Most importantly they will learn processes they can use to track emerging technologies and integrate them with their current interests and skills.

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7101 Syllabus

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