Economics, Sexuality, and Male Sex Work
Cambridge University Press

Published Articles

Segregation and Southern Lynching
Forthcoming, Social Science History [with Lisa D. Cook and John M. Parman]

Rural Segregation and Racial Violence: Historical Effects of Spatial Racism
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On the Marital Status of U.S. Slaves
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Segregation and Mortality Over Time and Space
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Location matters: Historical Racial Segregation and Intergenerational Mobility
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Segregation and Homeownership in the Early Twentieth Century
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The National Rise in Residential Segregation
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A Time (Not) Apart: A Lesson in Economic History from Cotton Picking Books
(National Economic Association Presidential Address)
Review of Black Political Economy 42 (4): 301-322

The Mortality Consequences of Distinctively Black Names
Explorations in Economic History 59 (1): 114-125 [with Lisa D. Cook and John M. Parman]

Identifying Confirmatory Bias in the Field: Evidence from a Poll of Experts
Forthcoming, Journal of Sports Economics[with Rodney J. Andrews and Michael J. Sinkey]

On the Heterogeneity of Dowry Motvies
Journal of Population Economics 29 (1): 135-166 [with Raj Arunachalam]

The Effect of Recruit Quality on College Football Team Performance
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How Central are Clients in Sexual Networks Created by Commercial Sex?
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Distinctively Black Names in the American Past
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Is there Dowry Inflation in South Asia?
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Does the Hot Hand Drive the Market? Evidence from Betting Markets
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Face Value: Information and Signaling in an Illegal Market
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Are Sports Betting Markets Prediction Markets? Evidence from a New Test
Journal of Sports Economics 15 (1): 45-63 [with Kyle J. Kain]

Economies of Scale in the Household: Puzzles and Patterns from the American Past
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Factor Endowments and the Returns to Skill: New Evidence from the American Past
Journal of Human Capital 5 (2): 111-152 [with Joseph Kaboski]

Econometric Tests of American College Football’s Conventional Wisdom
Applied Economics 43 (20): 2493-2518

Special Web Appendix
Profile of Research in OSU Alumni Magazine, 2008

Personal Characteristics, Sexual Behaviors, and Male Sex Work: A Quantitative Approach
American Sociological Review 75 (5): 679-704

Family Health, Children’s Own Health, and Test-Score Gaps
American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings) 100 (2): 195-199 [with Rodney Andrews]

South Africa's Post-Apartheid Two-Step: Social Demands versus Macro Stability
American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings99 (2): 275-281 [with Brahima Coulibaly]

Are Engel Curve Estimates of CPI Bias Biased?
Historical Methods 42 (3): 97-110

The Transformation of Hunger: The Demand for Calories Past and Present
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Health, Human Capital, and African American Migration before 1910
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Nutrition and Well-Being in the Late Nineteenth Century
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Food, Nutrition, and Substitution in the Late Nineteenth Century
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Is the Calorie Distribution Log-Normal? Evidence from the Nineteenth Century
Historical Methods 39 (3): 112-122