The 969th AMS Meeting (Central Section)

Columbus, Ohio. September 21-23, 2001



                              THE MEETING is ON !!!

     After consulting with many of the people involved, we have decided that the AMS  meeting at OSU in Columbus on 21st-23rd September is definitely going ahead as planned. Although we know that because of the tragic events of last week some people will not be able to come, we feel that it is very important that "activities go on ". Many of the participants plan to come and we are sure it will be a very good meeting. We look forward to seeing you this weekend  in Columbus.

                       Best wishes

                       Susan Friedlander
                       AMS Associate Secretary


The 2001 Fall Central Section Meeting of the American Mathematical Society
(Meeting #969)  will be hosted by the Department of Mathematics
of the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.


  • Registration:     Room: MW 154 in the Math Tower, 231 West 18th Avenue       .                                   Time:   Friday 12:30pm-4:30pm, Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m.      .                                     Fee:   $40/AMS members; $60/nonmembers; $5/emeritus members,                                                  students, or unemployed mathematicians                                                                                           Cash, check, VISA, MC, Discover, or AE.                                          .
  • Accomodation:  See our local page   for information about block reservations,                                         hotels, restaurants and entertainment. See also AMS page  .                                           For block reservations identify yourself as AMS memeber!     
  • Travel Information :  See the AMS information page  about special rates with                                                     US Airways and Avis Car Rental, and directions                                                              for  flying, driving, and parking.   See also the links at .   .                                                    the bottom of our Information Page.   
  • Special Sessions:   See the preliminary schedule of special sessions and       .                                             invited addresses with times, rooms and organizers.    .                                             See also AMS page .                                                      . 
  • Papers and more:     Deadline for Abstract Submission is July 13, 2001.          .                                                 The AMS provides further information on their    .                                                web-site   and the Notices   (Program Issue: October   2001,   .                                                 Abstract Issue: 22/3).                                                         . 
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