Loehle and McCulloch (2008)

"Correction to: A 2000-Year Global Temperature Reconstruction Based on Non-Tree Ring Proxies,"
by Craig Loehle and J. Huston McCulloch,
Energy and Environment (2008), vol. 19 No. 1, pp. 93-100
A correction to Loehle Energy and Environment, 2007.
This PDF contains both the Loehle and McCulloch (2008) correction and the original Loehle (2007) article, in that order.

Color Version of Figure 2 with reconstruction, CI's

Supplementary Information by J. Huston McCulloch

ASCII file of Corrected Global Temperature Reconstruction, with standard errors and confidence intervals

Spaghettigram of data used in Loehle and McCulloch (2008).

Figure 1 from Loehle and McCulloch (2008) with proxy locations, by Mike Martin.

NCASI page with links and ZIP file with the 18 data series, interpolated and smoothed as used in Loehle and McCulloch (2008).

Raw data series sources, compiled by Steve McIntyre of Climateaudit.org.
(numbered somewhat differently than in above Zip file of smoothed series or in above SI.)

Discussion on ClimateAudit.org of Loehle (2007).

Critique on Realclimate.org by Gavin Schmidt of Loehle (2007).

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