The Kensington Runestone




Photos courtesy of the Runestone Museum. I think these were taken circa 1930. Unfortunately, they do not show the side well. Note that the frontal photo is lit with an intense light from the side. This shows up the vertical strokes very well, but makes some of the horizontal strokes, including the crossbar on the L in sk(l)ar above, almost invisible. The two photos should be viewed in conjunction with one another.

It should be noted that the Kongelige Bibliotek (Royal Library) in Copenhagen has photos of the KRS that it received from Ludwig F.A. Wimmer of Chicago, accompanied by a letter dated Oct. 15, 1899. These photos would show the stone in its early condition, before any scrubbing or enhancing of the letters that might have taken place after 1899. I have photocopies of the Wimmer photos, and can see no evidence of any alterations, but a comparison to good glossy copies of these photos would be in order. The Wimmer photos are shown in Wm. W. Fitzhugh and Elisabeth I. Ward, Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga (Smithsonian Inst., 2000), p. 380, though with insufficient enlargement to be very useful for study.

If anyone has some good color photos of the front and side or glossies of the Wimmer photos, I would like to put them up.

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