The information requested below will be included in our Reunion Book. If you do not want any part of it published, note that with the word EXCLUDE.



City, State, Zip:

Important phone numbers:

Email address and/or web site:

About you:



(Here's your chance to "Let it all out"; tell us about where you are today! Not physically, but just some perspectives about yourself--work, play, family, community interests. No more than 100 words, please.)

Return this biographical information to Barb Engel Coleman at . If you wish to attach a document, please send it as a Microsoft "Word" document.

For a bio bonus, why not send us a picture of yourself IN ACTION! Send a photo of yourself doing something you especially enjoy, one that helps to describe YOU. (No, I don't think we could publish nude sunbathing!) Send this picture as an attachment. That file would be best if it were a tif, jpeg, gif or photoshop document. It would also help if the resolution were 300dpi at 100%. For those of you who have no clue what I've just said, we simply need a file that is large enough so that it can be printed in our book. Something about 1 meg in size would do! However, if you prefer to send a photo by mail, send it to Barb Coleman, 1385 Brown Circle, Boulder, CO 80305.

For those of you who like to write, we'll be lacing throughout the book some personal perspectives on our classmates and our lives over the years. As we grow and reflect, sometimes we can give each other a gift much more precious than the things we tend to collect. What I mean. . . is our feelings for one another! That can be expressed in many ways, but something said in words would be most meaningful. If you're so inclined, send an additional attachement to be included. Keep it short, but rich! We will take the liberty to use excerpts or all of what you have written.

We'd like all completed responses by midnight, June 1, 2003. Note extended deadline! We do reserve the right to edit them and reduce their size to a workable format for publication purposes. THANKS!

Barb is following my letter with a description of events and registration information.

Just another classmate on the road through life, Bob Bush!

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