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Boulder High School
Class of 1963
40th Reunion

July 25 and 26, 2003

Virtual Reunion
Missing Persons
Deceased Classmates

Check out our 45th Reunion July 25-26, 2008!

Here's the Schedule of Events

The University Club University Club

Koenig Alumni Center


Details, Costs and Registration Form

Please Register by June 15! (Note extended deadline!)

Reunion Book Information

Whether or not you plan to attend, please provide your data and mini-bio by June 15! (Note extended deadline!)


Farmers' Market

Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Your Saturday Afternoon:

Suggestions for Small Group Gatherings and Sightseeing

  1. Boulder Creek Path: Popular bicycle/walking path directly south of BHS going west under Broadway past the main library and going east of BHS toward Millennium -Harvest House Hotel on 28th.
  2. Bridge Café over the Creek: Walk into the expanded entrance of the Boulder Public Library one block west of Arapahoe and Broadway. Take a right turn at the back of the main floor and the ramp takes you to a small coffee shop overlooking Boulder Creek.
  3. Celestial Seasonings: Experience a free 45 min. tour Mon. through Sat. of tea making process plus café, small art gallery, and gift shop. 4600 Sleepytime Dr. (west on Lookout Rd. and Spine Rd. from N. 63rd in Gunbarrel area) 303-530-5300
  4. CU Heritage Center: This engaging museum in CU’s Old Main (third floor) showcases the university’s history with galleries on distinguished alumni (see if you can find BHS grads), CU astronauts, past CU presidents, sports, & more. 303-492-6329
  5. Dushanbe Teahouse: Opened in ’97, this restaurant was a gift to Boulder from sister city Dushanbe, Tajikistan (former USSR) and is handcrafted by over 40 Tajik artisans. Features an international menu and numerous unique teas. 1770 13th St. (between Arapahoe and Canyon) 303-442-4993
  6. Farmer’s Market: Colorado-grown fresh fruit, flowers, veggies, and delicious edibles available to buy Saturday 8 AM to 2 PM, between Arapahoe and Canyon Blvd. on 13th Street just east of Central Park. NCAR
  7. Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art: See more than 200 paintings and 85 bronze sculptures of wildlife, Native Americans, cowboys, & western landscapes. This free museum is the private collection of Ed Trumble. 6055 Longbow Dr. (west of N. 63rd in the Gunbarrel area) 303-530-1442
  8. National Center for Atmospheric Research-NCAR: Famous I. M. Pei-designed building and a weather hiking trail beginning at the north side of the building are impressive. Enjoy the scenic drive there from S. Broadway to Table Mesa and west up the hilly approach.
  9. Pearl Street Mall: Bookstores, shops, and restaurants are on a newly-landscaped Pearl Street between 11th and 15th. This happening place has expanded beyond the brick-paved mall.
  10. Walnut Brewery: For microbrews in a casual setting, take a group to this Boulder brewery and restaurant at 1123 Walnut St. 303-447-1345
Also --
Green Mountain trails
Bike rentals, glider rides, golf courses, etc.
Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau

Portions of Mesa Trail near NCAR closed 7/16/03 due to bear encounters!
Trail restrictions lifted 7/21/03; bear demise euphemised.

BHS 1963 Reunion Committee

Cathy (Beagle) Swanson   *   Muff (Beagle) Stinson   *   Mary (Brees) Shelledy   *   Fred Bunegar   *   Bob Bush   *   Steve Christopher   *   Tom Coleman   *   Barb Cooper   *   Nancy (Duncan) Belknap   *   Barb (Engle) Coleman   *   Susan (Geer) Swaeby   *   Meg (Greene) Culver   *   Gary Lydin   *   Hu McCulloch   *   Linda (Ostrander) Norris   *   Gary Patrick   *   Duke Prentup   *   Martha (Ward) Kettler

Contact Cathy Beagle Swanson

Look Who's Coming!

As of 7/21/03 -- First timers in italics.

Bob Affleck (hopeful)   *   Rellene Allen Ehmsen   *   Jon Alverson   *   Eileen Balance Zecca   *   Cathy Beagle Swanson   *   Muff Beagle Stinson   *   Mary Beehler Lathrom   *   Diane Bernzen Heriford  *   Lou Bragaw   *   Jerrie Brasel Janssen   *   Mary Brees Shelledy   *   Kathie Brown Freiday   *   Chelle Brunk Limon   *   Tom Bull   *   Fred Bunegar   *   Bob Bush   *   Sue Cahlander   *   Steve Carter   *   Steve Christopher   *   Ken Cline   *   Rogers Coke   *   Tom Coleman   *   L.B. Collier   *   Marilee Collier Kinney   *   Barb Cooper   *   Jack Coppom   *   Chuck Crist   *   David Curtis   *   Rick Daily   *   Kaye Deitemeyer Grant   *   Loren Donnell   *   Kent Douglass   *   Chuck Dowding   *   Paul Dukes   *   Nancy Duncan Belknap   *   Barb Engel Coleman   *   Carolyn Estes   *   Ann (Betsy) Ferris   *   Karren Foxworthy Vitt   *   Boyd Fuller   *   Susan Geer Swaeby   *   Carolyn Green von Sydow   *   Meg Greene Culver   *   Ruth Hagemeyer Judy   *   Verle Hansen   *   Dorene Heberlein West   *   Norris Hermsmeyer   *   Bill Hibbets   *   Sue Hinrichs Atkinson   *   Kathy Hockett Kramer   *   Rita Jane Hoza Moore   *   Jerry Hudson   *   Harriet Keith Tepfer   *   Mary Jo Klena Adler   *   Jeanette Kolterman Oxelson   *   Jay Lawless   *   Buddy Lee   *   Carol Lewis Lightsey   *   Neil L'Heureux   *   John Limon   *   Gary Lydin   *   Gerry Locke Murano   *   Stuart Machle   *   Linda Marbry McDaniel   *   Terry Marks Shoup   *   Jill Martin Cockerill   *   Tedd Martindale   *   Claudia McCaffrey Johnson   *   Suzanne McCarron Donovan   *   Hu McCulloch   *   Marg McGuire Betchart   *   Kiko McKenna   *   Evan Metcalf   *   John Miller   *   Gary Moore   *   Bruce Munroe   *   Nancy Nelson Green   *   Meredith Nord Neitenbach   *   Tom Orton   *   Linda Ostrander Norris   *   Gerald Otte   *   Ed Palmer   *   Gary Patrick   *   Ken Peper   *   Patty Pherson Grainger   *   Don Pospahala   *   Clasina Post van der Burg Taylor   *   Linda Reynolds Naugle   *   Julie Richardson Hostetler   *   John Richter   *   Marilyn Ruby Leeds   *   Wade Rutt   *   Lorraine Sano Jackson   *   Kathleen Saunders   *   Jerry Scofield   *   Jay Scruggs   *   Mike Shortell   *   Jev Sikes   *   Howard Snyder   *   Bob Sopka   *   Mike Specht   *   Judy Stepp Holt   *   Scott Stocker   *   Ted Straughan   *   Sue Tisone Giese   *   Anita Vickery Hobbs   *   Mary Vorndam McClanahan   *   Gail Walker Grissom   *   Heather Fulker (was Eunice Weber)   *   Bev Wellborn Dare   *   Skip Wenz   *   Steve Williams   *   Jane Wingfield   *   Sandy Wold Coalson

Please get your registration to Susan by June 15! (Note extended deadline!)

Lodging Information

Gary Patrick has lined up special rates at the Millenium Harvest House (the recently refurbished Harvest House Hotel), 1345 28th St., Boulder CO 80302. Reservation must be made by 6/9/03 by calling the special number 1-800-545-6285. Single or double occupancy, $103.00 per night + 9.75% tax. Millenium Club $25.00/night. Deposits required to guarantee room for late arrival. Deposits refundable if cancellation made 24 hours prior to the expected arrival date. They are holding blocks of 10 rooms for the reunion. If and when the first ten are filled, they will set aside another 10, and so on.

Other options, including B&B's --
Boulder Convention and Visitor's Bureau

Class of '63 Virtual Reunion

Click on linked names to see webpages, on e-mail addresses for automatic e-mail. Names include all those listed on Classmates.com as interested in contacting classmates. Most unlinked names can be contacted privately at no charge via

Rellene Allen   *   Kathy Baird Morrow   *   Roger Bartz   *   Jan Baume Wallen , Stamford CT   *   Cathy Beagle Swanson, Boulder, swansonjon@msn.com   *   Dave Belding   *   Louis Bragaw, Bedford, MA, lbragaw@aol.com   *   Kathie Brown Freiday   *   Peggy Bryant   *   Tom Bull   *   Fred Bunegar (top photo, front row, right), Denver   *   Bob Bush (best photo of show!), Boulder   *   Steve Carter, Rifle   *   Edward Chavez   *   Barb Cooper   *   Bill Crampon   *   Liz Crismon Yoe   *   Chuck Crist, Norfolk, VA, ccrist269@aol.com   *   Dr. David Curtis, 210 Selkirk, Durham NC 27707   *   Cheryl Cushman Matthews   *   Rick Daily, Lakewood   *   Loren Donnell, Laguna Niguel CA, jayjet767@hotmail.com   *   Chuck Dowding, Evanston IL   *   Paul Dukes   *   Nancy Duncan Bellknap   *   Barb Engel Coleman, Boulder, barbjocoleman@aol.com   *   Martha Epp Ebert   *   Sharon Fitch Kirby-Cole, Longmont, bearsbearsbears@att.net   *   W. Harold "Sonny" Flowers, Boulder   *   Karren Foxworthy Vitt, Post Falls ID, vitt_k@hotmail.com   *   Boyd Fuller   *   Wayne Gacie   *   Susan Geer Swaeby, Boulder, swaeby@comcast.net (new 7/2/03)   *   Mac Goldsberry, Sacramento CA   *   Carolyn Green von Sydow, Edmonds WA, cvonsydow@aol.com   *   Ruth Hagemeyer Judy   *   Verle Hansen, Boulder   *   Diane Hayes Whiteford   *   Bill Hibbits   *   Lynn Hobson   *   Kathy Hockett Kramer   *   Barbara Hopkins Tisone   *   Rita Jane Hoza Moore   *   Bernard Huntley   *   Hannah Jensen Delph   *   Harriet Keith Tepfer, Putney VT, tepfam@sover.net   *   Mary Jo Klena Adler   *   Margery Koerner Herrington, Vista   *   Jeanette Kolterman Oxelson (click on thumbnails for blowups of her paintings!), Denver, joxelson@earthlink.net   *   John Limon   *   Gerry Locke Murano, Cedaredge CO, finendandy@tds.net   *   Linda Marbry McDaniel, Portland OR, mcdee@easystreet.com   *   Theresa (Terry) Marks   *   Suzanne McCarron Donovan, Ohatchee AL, iggy@hiwaay.net   *   Rita McConnell Talchik   *   Hu McCulloch (beard seasonal), Columbus OH, mcculloch.2@osu.edu   *   Marg McGuire Betchart (upper left photo, with penguins!), Cupertino, CA, margaret@betchartexpeditions.com   *   Evan Metcalf, Denver, evan.metcalf@state.co.us   *   John Miller, Sparks NV, sydkid123@charter.net   *   Gail Morrow Chaussart-Morrow   *   Bruce Munroe   *   Nancy Nelson Green, Burnaby BC   *   Linda Ostrander Norris, Boulder, lindanorris3@attbi.com   *   Gerald Otte (2nd photo, with cat), New York City,   *   Don Owen   *   Ed Palmer, Stockholm Sweden   *   Don Pospahala, Chester VA, POSPA@aol.com   *   Clasina Post Van der Burg Taylor   *   Brian Powers   *   Ward Powers   *   Linda Reynolds Naugle   *   John Richter, El Paso TX, hjr1850@msn.com   *   Rick Roos   *   Wade Rutt   *   Lorraine Sano Jackson (receiving colossal federal grant check!), Director, South Brunswick Public Library (more pix), Cranbury NJ, ljackson@lmxac.org   *   Nancy Schmidt Downum   *   Jerry Scofield, Costa Mesa CA   *   Mike Shortell, Longmont   *   Don Smith   *   Howard Snyder, manager, Remington Carriage Museum, Cardston Alberta, Howard.Snyder@gov.ab.ca   *   Bob Sopka, chief meteorologist, Catonsville Yacht Club, MD, rsopka@wexis.com   *   Greg Souder   *   Scott Stocker, Denver   *   Ted Straughan   *   Sherry Thee   *   Nancy Theis Raines   *   Anita Vickery Hobbs   *   Leslie Vila Nickle, Boerne TX, rnickle@texas.net   *   Mary Vorndam McClanahan, Boulder, mevma@msn.com   *   Kerrie Wagenknecht   *   Lana Waldron   *   Gail Walker Grissom (2nd from left in group photo), Gold Hill   *   Skip (Philip) Wenz, El Cerrito CA   *   John Werner, Lake Mary FL, jwerner1@cfl.rr.com   *   Tacy West

If you or a classmate you know has a webpage or is mentioned or depicted in an existing webpage, please send the URL, with the person's current city and state, to webmaster Hu McCulloch at mcculloch.2@osu.edu.

To add your e-mail address here with your city and state, please send it also to me. To protect your privacy, your contact information will not be added here, not even if the Reunion Committee already has it, unless you send it to me for this purpose. If you're stuck in the '60s and don't do e-mail, I can give your street address instead, or if you prefer I can just give your name, city, and state, in which case classmates can contact you privately through Cathy. Or if you're more concerned about bulk spammers than psycho stalkers, I can "spam-proof" your e-mail address by spelling out DOT and AT (for example, soprano(AT)mob(DOT)com in place of soprano@mob.com), and not provide an automatic link to it.

Have You Seen These Classmates?

Ginny Clark (L), Nancy (formerly Vance) Gordon (R)     Please Note: We have been updating email and mail addresses and look to you for help. If you know classmates who have moved recently and might not be in our records, please help us "Find Them" with their addresses, phone numbers, and especially email addresses ... don't forget "Yours" too! Please email information, if possible, to: Cathy Beagle Swanson, swansonjon@msn.com, or else call her in Boulder at (303) 544-0312.

Missing as of 6/24/03:
List includes those who did not respond to Barb's 3/21 e-mail. Classmates not listed here or under Virtual Reunion may in most cases be contacted privately via Cathy.

Robert Almand   *   Shiro Aoki   *   Robert Auge   *   Kathy Baird Morrow   *   Bonnie Bean   *   Paul Beebout   *   Judy Berry   *   Karen Cain   *   Karen Cambridge Freeston   *   Diane Campbell Sanders   *   Pat Cantor Esterbrook   *   Ken Chard   *   Joe Chavez   *   Joan Clark   *   Virginia (Ginny) Clark   *   Louise Clopton Nason   *   Treva Conner Creed   *   Doug Coulter   *   Charles Cowan   *   Cheryl Cushman Matthews   *   Sue Davis Story   *   Ann DeLapp Hook   *   Frank Diaz   *   Sharon Dickens   *   Don Dickson   *   Dorothy (Dottie) Durbin   *   Teddy Eatmon Parker   *   Martha Epp Ebert   *   Katie Ferguson (Marsters)   *   Jim Fessler   *   Cheryl Fitzner   *   Rawley Fosler   *   Linda Franklin   *   Jim Fraser   *   Gene Freeman   *   Peggy Fry Vezzetti   *   Gary Geist   *   Gerald Glade   *   (Charles) Vance Gordon Jr.   *   Bob Graff   *   Anne Greiner   *   Christina Hansen   *   Bob Harford   *   Robbie Hatch Rowe   *   Paul Hickman   *   John Hills   *   Lynn Hobson (re-added 7/8)   *   Tom Hopper   *   Richard Hughes   *   Helen Jessup   *   Jo Johnson   *   Richard Johnson   *   Ruthann Johnson McCaulley   *   Courtney Jones Vickery   *   Lonnie Kelly   *   John Krueger   *   John Kyle   *   Mollie Lamb Buchanan   *   Joan Langer Beaty   *   Jerry Larsen   *   Jay Lawless   *   John Leach   *   Kathy Lemmonds (Scruggs)   *   William Lenox   *   Dean Love   *   Lois Lyman   *   Jane Malmburg Fisher   *   Penny McArdle Pulver   *   Rita McConnell Talchik   *   Dick McPhetres   *   Sue Menard Wycoff   *   Barbara Miller Ward   *   Bert Miller Mulkins   *   Judy Miller   *   Pam Mitchell   *   Alice Morgan   *   Jo Morrisey   *   Beverly Morrow   *   Melody Morrow Foster   *   Linda Muller   *   James Nason   *   Liz Ortenblad Thompson   *   William Guy (Bill) Perry   *   Joan Powell   *   Brian Powers   *   Sandra Pratt   *   Dawn Pyle Lunt   *   Betty Quinn   *   Jessie Raley   *   Linda Schmidt Buchanan   *   Mark Schweninger   *   Sherry Sheets   *   Robin Sloniker   *   Don Smith   *   Harold Smith   *   Dorna Stonebraker   *   Dick Studebaker   *   Jerry Sumner   *   Mike Sutter   *   Judy Symanski Lewis   *   Don Teel   *   Bob Thies   *   Leonard Thieking   *   Lynne Ullery Wekman   *   Charyle Wagner   *   Carol Weedman   *   Charlotte West   *   Vicki Whitney   *   James Williamson   *   Alice Witter Brown   *   Gail Wright Keyes

Flatirons with mist

Deceased Classmates

We regret that the following classmates have passed away, those in bold face since the 1993 reunion.

John Baulsir   *   Katy Butts
Mike Deisher   *   Marty Grisham
Jeanne Hurd   *   Steven Mark Julian
Karen Kreller   *   Karen Lord
Bernard Newton   *   Mike Ott
Alan Runner   *   Karen Schulz
Pam Vaughan

Misc. Links

Get in the mood!
Romy and Michele's HS Reunion

Boulder High
CU Webcam on Bear, Green & Flagstaff Mountains
360 Degree View from Chautauqua at Sunrise
Requires free download of QuickTime
CU Map with Koenig Center (#52) and University Club (#85)
Yahoo Map of Boulder
Boulder Convention and Visitors' Bureau, with visitor info, including lodging.
Total Boulder, with more visitor info.
Boulder Magazine, with yet more info.
Hu's favorite Green Mountain trails
Flatirons Golf Course (former Boulder Country Club)
Haystack Mountain Golf Course (Endorsed by Bruce, David and Hu)
"People my Age" (have started looking gross) by John Gorka

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