Recycled US currency

ECON 821
Monetary Economics

J. Huston McCulloch

Summer 2011 Syllabus

Lecture 5 Power Point


Monetary Policy Simulation Video Game

This program will be used in class to illustrate several concepts, and is provided here for your amusement. This version, GUVB.BAS, does not have the scoring features required for homework exercises.

Writeup GUV.DOC

QBasic Program GUVB.BAS

1. Printout the writeup GUV.DOC above.

2. Download GUVB.BAS to your computer. For this purpose, you may wish to create a folder (aka directory) such as C:\ECON821, and download it to this folder. GUVB.BAS is a QBASIC program that can be executed by QBASIC.EXE, an old DOS program which used to be provided with Windows. On my old Windows 98 machine, it was in the folder C:\DOS, as C:\DOS\QBASIC.EXE. If you can't find QBASIC.EXE on your machine and are a student in this course, contact me by email.

3. To begin execution, you would then click on START - RUN, enter C:\DOS\QBASIC.EXE C:\ECON520\GUVB.BAS in the window, and then OK. This tells QBASIC.EXE to start up and to open GUVB.BAS. Using this approach on my machine, I get two warnings, one that it "can't find drive A" (just click CANCEL), and one that it "can't find the working folder" (just click CONTINUE ANYWAY).

4. Proceed as directed in the writeup and on screen. Note -- The writeup includes instructions for a more advanced version of the program that gives you a score for how well you performed during your 14-year term as swing vote on the FRB. Just ignore this part of the instructions.

5. Enjoy!

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